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After OneThere are people for whom mascara works wonders and then there are people like me where all mascara does is turn my lashes black. My lashes are naturally short and practically nonexistent which wasn’t that noticeable behind my glasses but when I got my eyes lasered a couple weeks back and no longer needed my glasses I couldn’t hide my sad little lashes any longer. Of course there is the option of sticking on fake lashes every morning but honestly who has the time or patience these days? So when I got the chance of trying out lash extensions at the Lash Bar in Zurich you can imagine how excited I was. NameThe Lash Bar in Zurich is an amazing place where you can get various lash extensions done but you can also get your brows done and lots of other amazing beauty treatments as well. To check out everything they offer click hereChairsThe first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was the amazing atmosphere that they have created. The style of the furniture and decorations is so beautiful. You feel so welcome and it truly feels like wellness.
BedThe lash extensions are done on these super cute beds. You get to lie down, snuggle under a soft rug, close your eyes, relax and let the magic happen. The lash extensions I got were the Lash Volume Love with 2D lashes. This takes 2 hours during which you aren’t supposed to open your eyes. This means that very quickly you drift off into the land of dreams. After a refreshing nap I woke up and was told that in half an hour my lashes would be all done. The application is completely pain free and you barely feel anything. Thirty minutes later I got to slowly open my eyes and look in the mirror for the first time with my new lashes.

Here is the before picture:BeforeAs you can see I have barely any visible lashes and they are super short. Now let’s take a look at the after shots.
After TwoWOW! Those lashes are super long, full and curved beautifully. You can’t believe how happy I was. For years I’ve been unhappy with my lashes. Now I feel so much more confident with my amazing new lashes.
After OneThese lashes lasted me roughly two and a half weeks before they started falling out. In a few days I’ve got my next appointment to fill them in again and I think I might even go for a little longer lashes. The most amazing thing is waking up in the morning and looking so put together without even applying any makeup. It saves me so much time every day not having to apply makeup around my eyes. I can with total confidence recommend the Lash Bar in Zurich. The ambiance is so lovely, the people are wonderful and friendly and the results are life changing.
RoomHave you ever tried lash extensions? Do you love them as much as I do?


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