June Favourites 2016

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In the last few weeks I’ve found some new favourites which are all especially good for Summer. Whether it’s the refreshing new Evian Fruits & Plantes drink, Yves Rocher’s summery fruit nail stickers, Daniel Wellington‘s stunning watch or the one and only LayBag, I wanted to share the most important June must haves with you.

Evian SmallA few weeks ago I first came across Evian’s Fruits & Plantes drinks. The line has three different flavours which are Grape Juice – Rose Flavour, Lemon Juice – Elderflower Flavour and Raspberry Juice – Verbena Flavour. These drinks combine Evian‘s natural mineral water from the Alps with a unique pairing of fruits & delicate botanicals. I love the taste of all three but my favourite is certainly the Raspberry Juice with Verbena Flavour. If you haven’t already, you definitely need to try these refreshing Summer drinks from Evian.

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While we’re already picturing a relaxing sunset with the perfect drink why not add the amazingly cool LayBag to the scene. I just recently stumbled upon a video showing the LayBag and was mesmerised instantaneously. First of all let me explain what a LayBag is. The LayBag is an ultralight, inflatable sofa. It’s extremely comfortable and you can take it anywhere because it is so light and rolls up into a small carrying-bag. You can even float on water with it! To fill the sofa with air all you need are two scoops of air and it’s ready without needing one of those annoying pumps. It gets even better though because it also only takes a few seconds to deflate the LayBag after the Summer sunset is over. If you haven’t been hooked already I’m sure the video below will do the trick.

LayBag and relax!

Original LayBag – inflatable air-lounge! from LayBag Official on Vimeo.

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I was unfortunately not blessed with naturally long and full lashes so I was very excited to test the new Active Grow Eyelash Growth Serum by GL Beauty. The Serum contains natural ingredients from the Caribbean coral Plexaura Homomalla, the Edelweiss stem cells and is free of hormones. Active Grow should be applied daily and ideally in the evening. All you need to do is clean your eyelid and dry it. With the tiny brush you can easily apply the Serum just as you would an eyeliner. You can also use Active Grow on your eyebrows. After 6-8 weeks you should already see stronger, longer and denser lashes. As I have only been using it for a couple of days I can’t say what the effects are but I can already confirm that the application is very simple, fast and it feels cooling and smooth.

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In two of my recent posts (Perfect Nails for the Perfect Watch and 5 Essentials for on the Beach) I have already mentioned the brand Daniel Wellington. Since I am such a huge fan, my Daniel Wellington watch couldn’t be left out in my June Favourites post! 🙂 In the image above you can see on the left the Classic Winchester 36mm in Rose Gold and on the right the same watch but with the Classic St Mawes Wristband. Daniel Wellington has a summer campaign at the moment where you get a free second wristband when you buy a watch. Besides getting a free wristband you can also get a 15% discount with the promotion code DIAMANTS until 30th June 2016 on their Website www.danielwellington.com. But as there are only 10 days left until the code expires be sure to be quick!

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Yves Rocher has a new limited edition line called Pop’Exotic Création Sommer 2016. The theme of the line is striking and trendy colours inspired by nature. My favourites from this colourful, opalescent and exotic line are the eyeliner in the shade Pêche exotique (image above), the nail polish in the shade Menthe à l’eau and the cute fruit nail art stickers (see image below). The nude eyeliner is perfect for a simple and fresh day makeup but I have also used it as a lipliner. What’s great is that the liner is nice and creamy which makes it easy to apply and blend.

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The Yves Rocher nail polish is made with Elemi resin which creates a film on the nail that reflects light to create an intensive glossy effect. I like that the polish is highly pigmented, dries quickly and lasts for a long time. As you can see I covered my ring finger nail with lots of fruit stickers from the fruit nail art sticker set for a summery and fun touch.

Those were my June favourites for 2016. What are yours?


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