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This morning I went for my daily walk and noticed that my hair was all over the place when I got back home. It’s a common issue that in winter the hair is more electrified because of the jumper you pulled over your head or the cap you wore. What doesn’t help either is the dry air from the heating which also makes the hair stand up. One thing that can help is if you blow dry your hair as little as possible but usually that isn’t enough to give your hair the moisture and texture back that you want. That’s why John Frieda has an amazing line of products called Frizz Ease. I got to try the following four products from the Frizz Ease line that I am going to present to you today.

First of all there’s nothing I love more than a good hair mask such as the Frizz Ease Wunder-Kur hair mask. I try to use the Wunder-Kur once a week so that my hair gets repaired and strengthened especially when I’ve been using hot tools on it.

After I’ve slightly dabbed my hair dry with a towel I like to apply two to three pumps of the Frizz Ease Styling Mousse from the the roots all the way down to the tips of my hair. As I have natural curls I try to form them a little before letting my hair air dry. The nice thing about this mousse is that it’s light, non-sticky and contains moringa oil which makes the hair shiny and makes those locks stay in place all day and night long.

Another great product to fight that winter frizz with is the Zauberformel cream. This product I apply once the hair is completely dry and mainly towards the ends of my hair. This cream is a great travel companion as you can keep it in your handbag and use it whenever some of those pesky little flyaways get out of hand. It also contains some amazing ingredients like avocado oil which will additionally hydrate the hair.

Lastly to completely secure every last strand of hair Frizz Ease has the Regenschirm hairspray. The hairspray guarantees 24 hours of stability for a long-lasting, frizz free style. The hairspray also repels moisture thus keeping the hairdo frizz free.

What are your experiences with John Frieda’s Frizz Ease line?


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