Introducing the Brand Chamos Acaci from Korea

All ProductsYou know the song Hot n Cold by Katy Perry. That’s pretty much how my skin is. One day it’ll be all matte, spotless and glowing and the next day I’ll wake up to a oily face filled with angry pimples. I do know that when I’m eating a lot of junk food my skin will react but sometimes I’m doing everything right and my skin will still go rogue on me. For those days it’s important to have backup products that do some damage control.

The online shop Click and Care has recently added products from the Korean brand Chamos Acaci to their range. This brand works with a lot of natural ingredients such as flower petal, berry and fruit extracts. They also work with regenerating snail slime which makes the products very compatible with most skin types.
PrimerI tested a couple of their products and want to start with the Silky Pore Primer. I always use a primer before I apply my foundation as it makes the makeup blend in more smoothly and last longer. The great thing about this primer is that it also helps reduce pores, moisturises the skin, diminishes acne and pores too. The consistency is quite thick and it goes on super smoothly and feels fantastic.

Another great last minute life saver is the Anti Redness Repair Solution. This little miracle worker is a serum against redness which calms the skin and strengthens the cell walls. The reason why it’s great for last minute is because you can see an immediate effect. Another little bonus is that it smells heavenly. 🙂

As I mentioned in the beginning I was in desperate need of a good acne treatment product. The Trouble Skin Solution promises to help fight, reduce and prevent acne. All you need to do is dab the powder solution on the spots with a cotton bud. Believe me I’ve tried many acne treatments and have to say that this is one of the best. It is truly magical. After a couple of hours after applying it for the first time I already saw a massive reduction in redness and the more I use it the less visible my acne becomes. I can most definitely recommend this solution!

All Products

Who doesn’t love a luxurious face mask. My Sundays are always reserved for a hot bath, a refreshing lemon water, somer relaxing music and of course a face mask. Next time you want to kick back why not try the Chamos Acaci Collagen Repair Silk Mask Pack or the Snail Repair Goat Milk Mask Pack!

What are your ways of getting rid of pesky acne?


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