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all products smallHi, guys!  As you may have suspected I am guilty of dying my hair. 🙂 I usually get my hair dyed and cut at the hairdresser’s so I was intrigued to give it a go myself and see how it would turn out. For this I will be using products by I Am from Migros.

To dye my hair I am using the color I Am Hair Intensiv Colo. 222 Rotbuche which should turn out to be a similar red shade to the one I have at the moment. The box contains a pair of plastic gloves so you don’t dye your hands as well as your hair, a bottle containing the developer, a tube with the cream color, a conditioner and a pamphlet with the instructions.

Color products small

First of all I like to not wash my hair for a few days prior to treating them because the oils helps the hair absorb the color more evenly and protects the scalp from any irritants.
Another important thing to remember is to wear an old shirt!  I unfortunately forgot to do so this time and ended up messing my clothes up…

To make the dying process easier you can divide the hair into four sections. Two on the lower half of your head and two on top. Each section can be secured with hair clips.

To mix the color you need to squeeze all the content of the cream tube into the developer bottle and shake it very well. Afterwards make sure to cut the top of the nozzle off.

When you’ve put on the gloves you can start applying the dye to your hairlines working your way from front to back. It’s very important to start with the hair line because this section needs the most time to set in because it’s your natural hair color and hasn’t already been dyed before. (Of course only if you’ve dyed your hair before.) Afterwards you can work on each of the four sections making sure that all hair is covered. To make sure that the color is evenly distributed massage your scalp at the end as well.

While you wait for roughly 30 minutes I like to tie the hair into a bun so that I can walk around without making a huge mess.

Now you can wash the color out with warm water and then massage the conditioner in and after a few minutes rinse it out again.

All you need to do now is style the hair! For this I am using the I Am Hair Care I. M. Leave In Spray and the I Am Hair Styling Mousse Volume. I am a firm believer in leave in sprays because I find they on the one hand make it easier to comb the hair when their either wet or dry and on the other hand hydrate my hair further. The styling mousse is great to give your hair some extra volume and also smells really good! 🙂

leave in and mousse

Drumroll… !!! The big reveal of the before and after photos. 🙂


hair before small


hair after 2 small Personally I am really impressed with the results! I love the shiny, glossy and fresh look that my hair has now. The color is intense and vibrant. I am also glad that the process went so smoothly and without a big mess!

Lastly I Am also has a great Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner. Make sure to check the I Am Professional Color Shampoo and the I Am Professional Color Conditioner here so the color will stay as gorgeous as on the first day for as long as possible.

Shampoo small

Do you get your hair dyed at the salon or do you do it yourself at home?


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