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Did you find the king in the “Dreikönigskuchen” (Epiphany Cake). For everyone who doesn’t know the tradition I’ll quickly explain it. On 6th January we have this special cake which is more like  a sweet bread that consists of a ring of buns with a bigger bun in the middle. In one of the buns there is a little plastic king hidden and the person who finds it gets to be king or queen for a day.
At the office I didn’t become queen but I got a second chance at home in the evening and found it! 🙂

Speaking of cake, unfortunately my skin tends to break out whenever I eat too many sweets, so I thought it would be the perfect time to write about the I Am Clear line which you can buy from Migros.

I Am Clear 2 smallI started my new routine with the 3 In 1 Washcream, Peeling, Mask which clears your skin, prevents blemishes and gives you a velvety, smooth and fresh looking complexion. You can apply the face mask 1-2 times per week to your clean face and let it sink in for 3-5 minutes. Don’t use it around your eyes and wash your face afterwards with lukewarm water.
After just one utilisation my skin felt super smooth and clear. It is a very refreshing mask and I love the 3 In 1 function. As it’s very important to keep my skin care routine as short as possible because I wouldn’t stick to it otherwise I find it good that you only need to wait 3-5 minutes before washing it off.

The second product which you use 1-2 times per week are the Nose Strips. They remove pimples, clear the pores thoroughly and give the nose a matte finish after repeated use. All you need to do is stick them on the wetted nose with the gel side facing down. The strip shouldn’t be removed for 10-15 minutes and until it’s dry and hard. After removing the strip you can use the Mattifying Day Cream which I will present later on.
The strips worked well and after a few uses I could see a big difference to the size of my pores. I’m not so keen on the long waiting time, but because the strips stick on well, you can easily do something else during the quarter of an hour.

I Am Clear 1 small

For my new everyday routine I started with the Cleansing Washgel which reduces blemishes, clears your face and takes away the shine. You can use it each morning and evening, again leaving out the eye areas and rinsing afterwards with lukewarm water. Later I’ll show you the Tonic and Day Cream which you can put on afterwards.
What’s perfect about this washgel is that it doesn’t only cleanse your face in the morning and remove makeup in the evening but it also reduces blemishes which makes the routine faster and more efficient.

In addition to the Washgel there’s the Mattifying Tonic that gives you extra protection from pimples and removes the last traces of makeup in the evening. You can use the tonic on your face and neck with a cotton pad in the morning and evening.

After the tonic I’d suggest gently massaging the Mattifying Day Cream on to your dry face.The cream which contains pineapple extract doesn’t only reduce oily skin and blemishes but also hydrates your skin and has a UV filter to protect your skin.
For me it’s a definite must that at least one product in my daily routine contains a UV filter because I am too lazy to use sun screen each day but on the other hand find it very important to protect my skin.

I Am Clear 3 small

Lastly we have the Cover Stick incase an annoying pimple does decide to pop up. The stick covers them very sufficiently and dries them out as well. Make sure to blend well after applying. The size is just right for your bag, so you can take it with you and reapply throughout the day.

All in all I really like the I Am Clear line which I find effective and not too time consuming.

For more information and products check out I Am.

Let me know in the comment section below what your skin care routine is.


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  1. Jodie says:

    This sounds amazing! I’d never heard of this range before but it all sounds great. I especially like the sound of the nose strips and the cover stick!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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