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I love discovering and trying out new and different hair care products which is why today I’ll be once again sharing with you some of my newest favourites in the hair care department. All brands I’ll be talking about are ones I hadn’t previously tried / known of and I hope you’ll find some new faves for yourself as well.First of all I’d like to talk about a brand I’ve been meaning to try for so long as I’ve heard many great things about their products. I’m of course talking about Moroccanoil. The brand bases their products on the amazing argan oil which is highly nourishing and perfect for hair which is in desperate need of a little boost. Especially in winter my hair gets very dry and frizzy which is why I have loved using Moroccanoil’s products to combat the issue.

The deliciously scented Intense Hydrating Mask for medium to thick hair is a great way to quickly treat and revive your hair in five minutes. The deep conditioner is very rich, creamy and infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and other nourishing ingredients. After using it my hair immediately feels a lot smoother, shinier and more hydrated. I absolutely love using it before a big event or after a long day in the cold and dry air.The Original Moroccanoil Treatment for all hair types is an award winning miracle worker. This treatment pioneered oil-infused hair care and made the world fall head over heels for argan oil. Besides the nourishing oil it is also infused with shine-boosting vitamins. You can use the treatment as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool as it helps detangle and speeds up drying time. I personally like to apply a pump of it to the ends of my towel-dried hair and let it dry naturally. Before leaving the house I also use a bit of the treatment to tame flyaways.

My last new Moroccanoil favourite is the Hydrating Styling Cream which is similar to the treatment as it also conditions, hydrates and tames frizzy hair. The difference is that it also provides hold which is why I like using it when I have a special hair style which I want to keep in place. Additionally I am a huge fan of the stunning shine it gives my sometimes rather matte hair.Now let’s talk Oribe. Recently I wrote about their Gold Envy Luminous Face Mask which I couldn’t live without anymore. Here you can read my post on it. Today however I will show you four of Oribe’s hair care products starting with the Double Up Kit which contains the Free Styler Working Hairspray and the Dry Texturizing Spray. Firstly though I’d like to state that I like that you can get small sizes as they’re a great way to try the product first and are super handy for travelling.

The Oribe Free Styler Working Hairspray has an ultra-fine and dry mist which can be layered, styled and reworked. It provides a light hold with a satin finish. I prefer this type of hairspray as it isn’t sticky or too strong which can make the hair feel awful to the touch.

The Dry Texturizing Spray is designed to build volume and texture which results in glamorous hairstyles. My favourite part though is that their patented polymers absorb oil at the roots which means your hair will look fresh and clean for longer.The other two products are the Gold Lust Dry Shampoo and the Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray. The Dry Shampoo instantly cleans your hair, extends your blowout and prevents damage. It doesn’t just absorb oil but also impurities and product buildup with its translucent powder. The Dry Shampoo also soothes the scalp and thanks to their fragrance-retention technology the signature Oribe scent will linger all day long. I find it perfect for having in my handbag whenever I feel my hair needs a freshen up.

Lastly from Oribe is the Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray which made it onto my favourites list because of the way it makes the hair look stunning with a sun-kissed shine but without that dreadful salty stiffness. It doesn’t just style but also moisturises and repairs the hair which gives it a healthy finish.If you know me then you know that I can’t live without leave-in conditioners which is why I immediately fell for the Paul Mitchell Teatree Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray. The spray contains vitamin E and panthenol which both lock in moisture and tame frizz leaving you with a smooth and glossy finish. The calming lavender, mint and tea tree scent additionally soothe the senses which is a huge plus for me.

If you’re in need of some extra conditioning then try the Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask which strengthens, hydrates and repairs dry and damaged hair. The mask works with essential minerals which are derived from French clay.Lastly I’d like to show you the water killer dry shampoo by evo. Firstly though I have to say that I love the name water killer! 🙂 The concept is that it is a two-in-one product which also styles the hair besides refreshing it. The name water killer comes from the idea that washing your hair less saves water. Additionally it also prevents damage which can occur through washing and blow drying.

What are your current hair care faves?






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