How to Travel in Style

PlaneWhen you google airport style you get bombarded with thousands of images of celebrities looking super stylish at the airport. As I often meet people directly at the airport or go straight to the restaurant without getting a chance of changing first I always make a point of dressing stylish when I fly. Also you never know when you’re going to meet a hottie!
Today I’m going to show you a few handy travel companions that will make your outfit look so much more put together.
CalliaThe most important accessory you take to the airport is one we often forget and neglect. It’s the suitcase! No matter what you’re wearing if your suitcase is old and tattered you will look like a mess. My number one tip is to invest in a sturdy and stylish suitcase. Make sure the size of the suitcase also meets your most common suitcase needs. If you go on holidays for long periods of time invest in a big suitcase but if you like me often only want to travel with hand luggage I suggest getting a beautiful cabin sized bag.LabelMy favourite suitcase and travel accessories company is Samsonite. Yes, they aren’t exactly the cheapest suitcases out there but their quality is amazing. I still have my first Samsonite which I got years ago and it’s still in great shape. Back to the style question though. Samsonite’s products are all super stylish in a classic way so they shouldn’t go out of fashion any time soon. With a Samsonite at your side any outfit will look miles better.SamsoniteI recently decided that as I travel mostly only with a cabin bag I wanted to get a nicer looking and more spacious bag than the one I had before. I decided to get Samsonite’s Lite DLX Trolley Travel Bag 55cm in the color midnight blue from is an online shop with a huge collection of suitcases, bags and other travel accessories. Make sure to especially check out their massive range of Samsonite bags.
InsideI’ve now already been on two trips with my new Samsonite. What I realised immediately was how much room there is in this suitcase. My longest trip so far with it was for nine days on which I even did quite a bit of shopping yet still everything fit in easily. It also has a laptop section and comes with a bag either for your shoes which I like to use for my dirty laundry.LockThe bag also comes with the classic Samsonite lock system that airports have the key to so that they don’t have to forcefully open your bag incase they search it. You wouldn’t want your gorgeous new bag to be damaged!
IpanemaMy last vacation was on Majorca where it was never below 30°C and the sun was always shining. Naturally I needed a pair of nice flip-flops. To travel in style another important factor is the footwear. In regards to comfort it’s always better to wear open shoes that you can easily slip out of incase your feet swell during the flight. Fashion wise I like to wear a subtle black ballerina or in summer some stylish flip-flops with a cute pattern. Flip-flops and ballerinas aren’t just handy for the flight but you can usually wear them often during the trip as well.Ipanema BeachThese statement flip-flops are from the brand Ipanema. This design is called I Love Tribal but Ipanema also has lots of other designs that make any beach look classy and fabulous. PhantasyaOf course there are many ways to spice up your travel outfit but one way I like to add a little sparkle is by wearing some dazzling jewellery. Even if you’re wearing a super comfy tracksuit the bling will up your game instantly. Here I am wearing a delicate earring, ring and bracelet set with Swarovski elements by Phantasya.

What do you usually wear to the airport?


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