Highlighter & Beauty Haul from Click & Care

ProductsI first got to know Click & Care for its extensive range of hair products. They do however also have tons of other great beauty products including makeup. As I am a true highlighter girl I just had to get a few new highlighters but also some makeup tools which I will show you right away.
SpongeI’m sure you know what this is but just in case you’ve been ignoring the beauty world for the last couple of months here’s what this weird blue thing is. It is a silicone makeup sponge. So technically what gets put in women’s boobs now goes on your face! I watched a ton of videos and tutorials where makeup was applied with this magical sponge so naturally I couldn’t resist giving it a try myself. The claims are that it applies the product a lot smoother and leaves your face looking more natural. Short answer: I’m not a fan. I confess I’m a beauty blender gal. I love how the sponge nicely works in my foundation making it look super natural. The silicone sponge firstly felt weird and secondly it wasn’t comfortable to hold. It also in my opinion left the foundation on the surface and didn’t work it in well. Hence my verdict is it’s a fun product to try out but if you’re a beauty blender fan rather stick to them. Please leave a comment however if you’ve had other experiences with the sponge! Maybe I just haven’t quite figured out yet how to use it properly. BrushesA product I have a lot better things to say about is Tweezerman’s Mini Travel Brush Set. Honestly I don’t know why I hadn’t bought a min brush set earlier on for travelling! The cute bag contains a brow, blender, foundation and blush brush. As you now know I didn’t need the foundation brush but the other three are absolutely perfect. The quality of the bristles is great and the sizes are perfect. They aren’t too small nor too big. Also I love that they come in a little bag. RainbowNow that we’ve covered the makeup tools let’s move on to the highlighters. Another beauty trend, one which I prefer a lot more, is the mystical rainbow highlighter such as this one from Focallure Face. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of this product! Those colours are simply magical. 🙂 On the more technical side I gotta say that the texture and the transfer of the highlighter are great. You get this subtle unicorn glow when all shades are gently mixed together.
HighlighterBesides wearing the Rainbow Highlighter in this image I’m also wearing a mix of the Revlon Insta-Blushes in the shades 300 Rose Gold Kiss and 320 Berry Kiss. Both are a sheer and blendable blush which both also have a sort of highlight function. They’re perfect for that rosy sun kissed glow we all want!PromoGood news! For all of you who want to try out these amazing products for them selves I’ve got a voucher for you. With the code “diamant” you get CHF 10 off any order on Click & Care. Also you get a free beauty surprise worth CHF 15. The voucher is valid until 21st July 2017, so be quick!


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