High on Heels Event with Philips and H&M

DrinkCheers! The drink though is actually just a prop as I was driving home by car and couldn’t drink any alcohol. 🙂 The fun however was definitely real. This fabulous event that I got to attend was called High on Heels and it was hosted by Philips and H&MEvent PoseOne of the best parts of the event was that we all got to put together our own look with H&M’s newest collection. I immediately fell in love with this huge orange trench coat.WalkOnce we’d all created a signature look we modelled it on the runway which even had a jury! It was a sad moment when I had to give back that coat though…
ProductsWe did however get some other goodies at the end of the evening. Just incase you don’t notice the background actually is one of the goodies as well. It’s a sweet sarong from H&M.VisaPureThe Philips VisaPure might ring a bell as I once wrote a review on the Philips VisaPure Essential. This is the Advanced version which is a little more fancy than the Essential. BagIt comes with a handy little sleeve where it’s protected and safely stored for travelling.PhilipsThe Advanced VisaPure also comes with a charger station that you can also use to store the device.BrushesThere are many heads that you can attach to your VisaPure and these are the three that come with the Advanced. On the left is the fresh eye attachment which is especially good for in the morning to give your eyes that freshness kick. In the middle you see the massage attachment which relaxes the muscles and promotes blood flow which in turn makes your skin look revitalised. On the far right the sensitive brush head is located which is perfect for cleansing your skin gently.
Ever since I’ve had my VisaPure I’ve had much better skin and I’m able to remove my makeup so much more effectively. I take it with me wherever I go because it truly is a marvellous device!CandleBesides the sarong H&M also showered us with gorgeous goodies. Top left you see my new favourite sunglasses and on the right of them the divine smelling Mahogany Scented Wax Candle from H&M Home. Perfect for pressies is the Shining Moment Nail Colour Trio which contains the stunning shades Kalahari, Frosted Rose and Go Platinum.SunniesOf course I had to take my new sunnies with me on my vacation!


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