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For the last couple of months I’ve been changing my diet slowly. I’ve recently gone dairy free as my body suddenly couldn’t deal with lactose anymore. Going completely dairy free hasn’t only made me feel better and more energetic but it even helped clear up my skin. In the spirit of my diet change I decided I’d finally give a juice cleanse a try.

A Swiss company called HeyLife looked promising and what appealed most to me was that you could also only do a one day cleanse. The thought of just drinking juice for a whole week was just too much for me. You can of course also order individual juices which are a great addition to your daily diet. I however tried out the Classic Cleanse for one day.
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The classic cleanse contains the following drinks:

4x Cold Pressed Juice:

  • OnKale: Red Apple, Cucumber, Kale, Ginger, Lemon
  • ChiaGlow: Carrot, Pineapple, Pear, Orange, Ginger, Beetroot, Lemon, Chia
  • FriendWithBenefit: Carrot, Green Apple, Orange, Lemon, Camu Camu
  • GreenElixir: Cucumber, Spinach, Green Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Spirulina

1x Nut Mylk:

2x Shot:

  • GingerFire
  • HitTheLime

1x MasterCleanse


In the beginning I thought I’d be really hungry and that I’d have finished all the juices by lunch time but in the end I had to work hard to finish all of them!

I started my juice cleanse day with the lime shot which I mixed with a glass of water. As I have a lemon water every morning this was pretty routine for me and I find it gives you a nice wakeup kick. Afterwards I sipped on the nut milk which was absolutely delicious. It was my favourite by far and it was really filling. The sweetness also took care of my craving for sugar. Around lunchtime I drank my first cold pressed juice chia glow. This juice also tasted real good and I especially loved the chia seeds. Ever since I always have chia seeds in my breakfast granola! It also had a very nice ginger flavour and was rather spicy.Milk

Early afternoon I overcame my fear and tried the green elixir. To be completely honest I am not a fan of green juices so this one was definitely not my favourite. So shortly after I decided I’d get the second green juice out of the way too by drinking on kale. Friend with benefit was more up my alley and I was happy that I had gotten through the green juices. What was quite hard was that I went out to the movies with friends that night and while they were munching on popcorn and peanuts I had to work on my juices. For one day that was no problem but I honestly couldn’t do it for a week!Shots

After I got home in the evening I only had the master cleanse and the ginger fire shot left. The master cleanse was pretty bad as it contains cayenne pepper but as I was drinking it I slowly got used to the flavour. The ginger shot was a lot of fun as it’s super hot but I gotta say it really gives you a kick. 🙂

Over all I thought it was definitely a great experience. I am not sure whether I’ll do it again because I did get a little grumpy and my energy level that day wasn’t great. Over the course of the next week I felt a lot fitter and my skin looked amazing though. For me the biggest benefit was that I was more aware of what I put in my body. I feel like now I read a lot more labels and am conscious of what I am eating. I realised that my diet was lacking fruit and veggies and many other important nutrients. What also really astounded me was that I wasn’t starving that day and the juices really made me feel full.

Personally I would definitely recommend giving it a shot and if you’re not up to a juice cleanse you can always just have a juice or two per day in addition to your regular diet just to make sure your getting enough fruit and veg in your system.

Have you ever done a juice cleanse?


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