Guest Post – Zara’s Lush Lips Guide: All You Need to Do to Enhance Your Pout

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Not that Angelina Jolie’s got anything on you, but you’re probably trying to find the best way to give your already gorgeous face another statement, and what better way to do that than by enhancing your lips?

A lush pout is a feature that takes your whole face a step further, and we love how it can turn you into a spectacular beauty. Unfortunately, not everyone’s been blessed with a set of full lips; still, these days that can easily be corrected with just a few injections (Kylie Jenner we’re looking at you!) or clever makeup if you’re not a fan of corrective procedures.

Here’s a quick but very true guide that will lead you to a fabulous pout very quickly.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

You’ve probably heard a lot of advice concerning your skincare and the importance of thorough exfoliating of the face and body, but how many times have you actually heard anyone advise lip exfoliation? Not that often.

To keep our lips smooth and not chapped (especially during cold Winter days) and to stimulate their blood flow that, in essence, is what gives the lips a plump, rosy feel, we need to embrace lip exfoliation as our regular beauty regimen.

How to do it? It’s very simple. Make a mixture of honey and sugar (a teaspoon of honey and a little less sugar) and rub it gently on your lips with an old toothbrush, making round moves. Let the “mask” sit on the lips for a minute and rinse. Voila! lips-1838728_1280

Mind the Hygiene

When it comes to the lips, every little thing plays a role – teeth hygiene included. Regardless of your lips being tiny or full, if your teeth aren’t in check, they’ll look utterly unattractive and dull.

Apart from brushing your teeth regularly, make sure you correct any crooked teeth, say goodbye to the yellowish color and give your smile a chance! A survey conducted by specialists for dental care shows that the health of our teeth has a big impact on our confidence. According to the majority of people who took part in it, those who brush their teeth regularly and don’t smoke have a better smile, and consequently a better look and higher level of confidence.

Be Clever with Makeup

Lip pencil! The best invention of all time when it comes to makeup lip trickery!

If your lips are thin or simply not as full as you’d want them to be, use a lip pencil in a slightly lighter shade than the lipstick/lip gloss you plan on using afterwards. Outline the lips (but don’t overdo it) so they look fuller, then fill them in so they get a full shape. If you know your way with makeup, you can treat your lips to a little ombre effect – coloring the lips in various shades of the same color until you achieve visual lip perfection. As for the lipstick – we’d always recommend going with matte. The same goes for the lip gloss choices – make sure you use matte as base and go with an elongated, semi-round applicator. If you’re in love with the glossy effect, apply see-through gloss after you’ve shaped the lips with matte.


Lip Augmentation/Injections

Nobody’s saying you have to do it but it’s good to know you’ve got the option to. It’s the 21st century, so we’re all (hopefully) past judgment, already. Cosmetic surgery is a great thing that deals with irregularities (that may be of both health and aesthetic value), helps boost confidence, and – with that – improves the quality of life.

These days, various forms of corrective surgery are available and, as long as you are working with experts, you can get your aesthetic desire fulfilled in a matter of minutes (at least when we’re talking such “small” procedures, like lip augmentation). If you are interested, talk to your chosen doctor about the procedure and explore your options.

Lip/Teeth Jewellery 

Not everyone can pull it off, but if you’ve got the edge for it – do it! Even if your lips are thin, a lip piercing will make your lips more desirable than you can imagine! A Monroe, tongue piercing, snakebites, cupid’s bow piercing (aka Medusa) or any other form of a piercing related to the lips may give you the lip confidence you were after.


We hope our little lip guide’s helped and that you’ll enjoy and exercise the advice from this moment on. Good luck!


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