Guest Post – Zara’s 5 Must-Follow Beauty Trends for This Spring

Author bio: Zara Lewis is a designer and a regular contributor to, devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking.1It seems as though there is a global unspoken agreement that when it comes to trends, whether they regard fashion, makeup and even food, spring is the cut-off season. This is the time to clear up our closets, make room for new trends, but also a time to reflect on the choices filling up your makeup bag. It is time to shake things up, reconsider our beauty choices, see what the news on the streets and the runways are, and try something new while saying goodbye to some of our old beauty ways.

Au Naturale

Some things never change, so even as the seasons are, the no-makeup makeup is staying right where it is. BB creams and mid-coverage foundations, neutral eye-opening eye shadows and barely glossy nude lips can still be your go-to looks, just make sure you do a good job at the ‘tame and frame’ brow arena, as strong but managed brows are still the main point of this ‘next-to-nothing’ look. This no-makeup look has been reigning runways from New York to Paris and London, and if top designers and makeup artists are jumping on the natural bandwagon, it is time for the rest of us to follow suit. 2Pure and wholesome

We all make mistakes, whether they concern our skincare and beauty regimens, fashion choices we look back on with a cringe, or more serious mistakes we come to regret, such as inking our bodies. Luckily, all these mistakes, big and small, can be rectified. Australians, who are one of the leading nations when it comes to natural and wholesome living, have been increasingly opting for tattoo removal in Parramatta and other Sydney suburban areas in order to get rid of unwanted ink and bring their body back to the natural and pure state. In the US, returning to the natural look has also become increasingly trendy, so lots of people are looking to get their piercings and tattoos removed.

All about them eyes

If runways are to be trusted, and they most often are, aside from the no-makeup look, a great emphasis will be placed on the eyes. If you look at the beauty dominating one of the most important fashion weeks – Paris, you will notice that the focus was also on the eyes, but in a ‘slightly’ different manner. Precision was not the focal point and the smudged and vamp look accompanied with dark eye shadows, liners and eye pencils. The shows of Milan, on the other hand, have shown us that it is ok to be eclectic and electric, as the eyelids of models were beaming with day-glo fuchsia, neon-lavender, pastel blue across the entire lid (pretty bold), and also bright blue, and yellow hues done in a cutting-edge geometric style. 3Parted hair all the way

One of the biggest spring trends, one that is bound to crawl its way into summer is the deep side parts. They look incredibly chic, yet effortless and natural, and the best part is they are easy to pull off. One prerequisite for rocking this, or any other hair trend, is having healthy and shiny hair as split and dry ends will simply not do. Nurture your hair back to health with some great DIY hair masks and pay a visit to your stylist and say goodbye to a few inches of your hair. If it is damaged, what good is it doing you? When it comes to must-try hairdos this season, tight braids are at the top of the list. They exude an edgy yet classy vibe and the best part – you don’t have to expose your hair to heat damage in order to pull this look off.

Last, but first

All the hair and makeup in the world will not be enough to make you the queen of spring if your skin is not healthy, moisturized and protected. The Asian skincare beauty book is yours for the copying, so jump on and adopt a multi-step skincare routine. Stock up on cleansers, toners, skin serums (which are huge this season). Never skip on SPF, go through Allure’s list of best SPF moisturizers and keep your skin away from the sun whenever humanly possible. Mask once a week – this is skincare 101. When your skin is good and ready, you can play with different makeup techniques, or even go makeup free, confident that your skin is radiant and glowing without a touch of concealer or foundation.