Guest Post by Tracey – The Many Benefits of a Natural Look

As soon as summertime rolls around the corner and the heat waves start hitting, women start looking for alternative ways to enhance their looks, without having to cake on a lot of makeup. And the style many turn to is minimalistic, natural makeup. Wearing less makeup with lighter textures is a huge relief, but there are many more benefits than that. So, here are some of the reasons you should definitely be giving the natural look a try.It helps with self-confidence

There are a lot of women who use makeup to boost their self-confidence, but end up doing the complete opposite. Some have literal panic attacks when they leave the house without any makeup and it can get really stressful. With a minimal – or “no makeup – makeup” – look, women can start to reclaim their faces in their natural form, without being completely bare. Slowly reducing the amount of makeup you wear means that you won’t use that comfort that makeup provides, but you won’t be spending all of that time piling on the usual amounts.

Feeling the freedom

Wearing super-light foundation – or none at all – and minimal makeup on the rest of your face means that your skin can actually breathe and you will feel a lot lighter and fresher. If you are someone who usually wears a lot of makeup, you probably can’t remember when was the last time you could splash your face with water to cool off in the middle of the day. Or simply not worrying about whether all of your makeup is in place after a long day. The freedom it gives you is irreplaceable and oh-so-refreshing.Try out new things

Changing up your makeup style is the perfect time to start experimenting more, and don’t think that because it is a natural look you can’t do anything new. Here is everything you can play up:

Eyebrow styles: A natural look is the perfect way to experiment with different brow looks and maybe find a new favorite.
Contour styles: If you are cutting back on the foundation, finding a good mineral contour means that you can play with the shape of your face without losing the natural look.
Accents: Not wearing a lot of makeup means that the little you do put on is going to stand out, which means that you can highlight and accentuate some features of your face with just a little mascara, lip balm or blush.
Small imperfections: With a more natural looking makeup, you will certainly develop a technique for covering small zits and other imperfections without using too much makeup, and you’ll be doing it in half of the time that it took you before. You can also start to let some of your imperfections show – which is what makes you perfect. Take better care of yourself

Not wearing a lot of makeup means that you can see a lot more of the natural you, which is extra incentive to take better care of your skin, hair and overall health. Drink enough water to make sure your skin is nice and hydrated, and use primers or tonics to liven it up in the morning. You should also make sure that your diet is healthy and balanced and that you’re taking all the health supplements you may need. Being healthy on the inside will always show on the outside, and the healthier you look, the less makeup you will feel like you need. A natural look is ideal for anyone who wants to keep a light, friendly and professional appearance, while still covering up any small imperfections that you might have. It helps you embrace your natural self and it can be a lot more comfortable than wearing a lot of makeup. You will be taking better care of yourself and you will feel fresher than ever, so why not give it a go? There is a lot of inspiration everywhere so you will definitely find a look that works for you!

About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about traveling, fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”


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