Guest Post by Scarlett – What You’ll Really Want to Wear This Spring

Ok, so you spent the gray of winter hiding behind sweaters, drinking red wine for warmth and getting reacquainted with the Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Now that you’ve dried your eyes and scolded Rory Gilmore on your Facebook feed, it’s time to put down the remote. Warmer weather has arrived and this spring is going to be bright, bold and fun.

Pretty in Pink

This spring, make sure you have a good rosè opened before you start your online shopping spree, because the fashion gods have declared that we’ll all be blushing beauties this season. So pinch those cheeks, ladies. Your glow just got a lot rosier.

Nobody said looking fabulous was easy so give that insecurity its pink slip and get to work. Start with more subdued tones like a soft blush or fun pieces with a playful pink pattern. A little goes a long way and we pinkie swear you’re going to love it. With so many different styles and shades coming into stores this spring you’re sure to find the right color to complement your savvy self.

Channel the sexy playfulness of Emma Stone as you flirt with your new look and stay comfortable with loose, flowy fabrics like a draped midi dress complemented by killer lilac tights inspired by the Spring 2017 Balenciaga show – – a look straight off the runway and into your closet (or onto the floor if you’re feeling frisky in your new look). Whatever your comfort level may be, invest in some signature pieces that make you feel like a celeb and you’ll be fighting off the paparazzi in no time – – or at least selfie-stick wielding tourists flashing you their fanny packs.

To incorporate your runway flair into a more neutral toned wardrobe you’ll find that a pair of cute blush pink flats can add some fun to your otherwise plain attire and hint to your coworkers that you know how to have fun (as if they didn’t get that from your Insta account already). Another good work option would be to pair a pale pink cardi with your skirt or go for an adorable pink shift dress to get all that good attention you’ve been missing this winter.

Gold Rush

You’re not the type of girl that blends into the background, so go for the gold this spring and embody that old Hollywood sparkle à la Blake Lively and make your style stand out (bonus points if you attract hotties like Ryan Reynolds).

Gold is where it’s at this spring and we have some sparkling ideas on how you can make your wardrobe glitter with glamour. Want your love life to rate more R and less PG? Pair your favourite sexy black heels with a gold party dress and get ready to cash in on all of those Pilates classes you made yourself go to.

At work you’re definitely a #goaldigger but don’t be afraid to work your beauty with all of those brains. If you’re looking to strike gold in the office – – and make an impression with your million dollar ideas – try rocking a gold blouse with black slacks and power heels to get them to listen up. They can’t ignore you if you stand out and stand up for what’s yours.

White Hot

This spring do yourself a favour and dress like a supermodel (no diet necessary). Gigi Hadid brought sexy back to the basic white tee so now you can too. No more excuses like “I don’t have anything to wear” because when you add some crisp white tops and white hot sun dresses into your daily rotation you’ll be the one everyone is jealous of.

We know you can’t dress sexy casual to work (at least not every day) so make sure you have some white professional pieces to get you through the Monday-Friday grind. A chic white blouse worn with a pencil skirt will definitely show them you’re nothing but class. For a simple pop of white against your everyday business attire try incorporating chunky white statement necklaces into your daily fashion show.

Rocking your own personal runway is not a matter to take lightly. You want to be the one everyone steals their style from so don’t be afraid to take chances. Find a pair of stark white pants and have fun wearing them with blush pink or gold tops (see what I did there? Your wardrobe is coming together!)

Even bright white sneaks are a good addition to a fun night out – not to mention the perfect footwear to be wearing in case you need to chase down your dreamy Ryan Reynolds look-a-like.

The Future is Bright

Bottom line, spring has sprung and it’s time for you to lighten up. The dreariness of winter is behind you and now it’s time to let the fun you out to play. No more living vicariously through movies and magazines for a brighter horizon. Yours is right in front of you and this is the season you’re going to own it.

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Author Bio

Scarlett Olivia is a 20-something with a passion for fashion and Starbucks coffee. She is also an aspiring writer and the boss at A fashion blog based out of Atlanta, GA.