Guest Post by Mia – No More Bad Skin Days

Keeping your skin clear and radiant is one of the biggest beauty challenges. Some of us tend to battle against dry patches and often breakouts, while others can’t handle oily areas as well as puffiness and redness. However, all of these problems are fixable if you only stick to an appropriate face care routine. With quality skincare products, a couple of useful cleaning habits, and a few easy natural tricks, you’ll have flawless skin every day, and not have to worry about a bad skin day ever again.

Choose Make-Up Wisely

It’s essential that you invest in make-up products that suit your skin type. If you have oily skin, don’t use products for dry skin type because they’re rich in ingredients that promote oiliness. The same goes for dry skin ‒ don’t use foundations or face creams for all skin types or for oily ones. Dry skin tends to develop dry patches here and there, so it’s vital that you use oil-based make-up to provide it with all the hydration it needs.

Cleanse The Face Thoroughly

If you’ve ever thought about spending the night with make-up on or if you’ve already done it once or twice ‒ never do it again. According to research, this will only age your skin and make it prone to breakouts more than usually. Therefore, make sure you dedicate your full attention to skin cleansing every night before bedtime. Use cleansers and lotions to remove the build-up make-up and always moisturize your face later. If your skin is prone to acne and blackheads, be sure to invest in efficient blackhead removal products that will make your skin glowing and pimple-free. Skin regenerates during the night, so it’s essential that you let it breathe without any make-up clogging the pores.

Clean Make-Up Tools

Weekly make-up tool cleaning is paramount if you want to have clean, acne-free skin. A lot of bacteria accumulate on make-up brushes if you let them stay dirty for a long time. This is especially true if you carry some of the brushes in your bag to fix your make-up during the day. Therefore, be sure to clean the brushes at least twice a week if you’re putting make-up on every day, and keep the bacteria build-up at bay. Wash your beauty blender before and after every use, and be sure you dry it well after you’ve done your make-up.

Natural Remedies

Steaming the face out is one of the best natural skincare routines. Boil ½ l of water and pour it in a bowl. Sit with your face over it and let the steam do its magic. The face will be moisturized and thanks to the steam, all the oils, dirt and dust will be removed from the pores. Ice, on the other hand, is perfect for treating the area under eyes and early morning puffiness. Just take an ice cube, wrap it in a washcloth and hold it over your eyes. Ice is also great for priming the skin. Run an ice cube over your face before you put a foundation on, especially over the enlarged pore areas. Thanks to the coldness, the pores will reduce and they’ll be less visible under the make-up. If you have sensitive skin, consider moisturizing it with honey. Its soothing properties will reduce the irritation, leaving the skin gentle and redness-free.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your skin clean and breakout-free may sound impossible, but it’s quite achievable. Be sure to use only make-up products for your skin type, remove the make-up every time before bed, clean the make-up tools regularly and you won’t have to worry about clogged pores and pesky pimples. With the help of efficient cleansers and a little assistance from natural treatments, your skin will look flawless, radiant and won’t suffer so many breakouts as before.

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