Guest Post – Laura’s Fall Fashion Shoe Trends for Women

3Fall, with its abundance of colors and cool, comfortable evenings, is right around the corner. You may have numerous outfits ready for this amazing season, but have you thought about the shoes you’re going to wear? Whether you’re itching to wear the latest new boots or the most glamorous set of heels, there is a general trend to follow if you want to be up-to-date with the latest fall fashion shoe trends. Make sure to check these trends out before purchasing a set of lovely new shoes.

Want to Leave an Impression? Have Multiple Straps!

If you are going for a more rustic-type feel with a sense of poise and professionalism, shoes with multiple straps may just be the thing for you. These types of shoes work wonderfully with dresses that have multiple pattern styles, and they are bold enough to catch anyone’s attention. The closed off design of multiple-strapped shoes offers the elegant beauty that comes with a well-crafted shoe, while helping you transition from the warmth of summer to the cooler days of autumn.

Multiple straps, however, should only be used with heels for a more sophisticated aesthetic, whereas straps for wedges should generally be avoided.

Ankle Straps Are Also Great

Ankle straps are great when trying to give the impression that your legs are longer than they actually are, or attempting to slim out your feet and give them a pointier curvature. Single ankle straps are perfect for that elegant look, and are stunning with coats and jackets.

Dual-ankle straps are also an emerging trend that gives a more refined look. These types of straps should be worn with shorter, free-flowing dresses.


Laces Are Your Footwear’s Best Friend

If you want to go for something a little less eye-catching, yet sleek and elegant, then lace up footwear is perfect for you. In the 2016 to 2017 fall/winter trend, shoes with laces up to the ankles are a must have for a complete outfit, especially since many dresses and fall outfits have increasingly begun to include stylish and intricate lace designs.

Laces that come up to the ankle, and which are used in both wedges, heels, and general shoes, are perfect for some lovely casual style shoes.

Thigh High and Knee High Boots

Colder months are obviously the essential time to wear a few more layers, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your appearance for the sake of staying warm. Knee high boots and thigh high boots are the solutions for combining aesthetics with simplistic practicality. They also look super cute with both shorter dresses to ankle-length dresses. Ruffled boots are also extremely popular with the latest trends.


Wooden or Wood-Pattern Heels for  a “Pop”

Wooden heels are definitely a gorgeous little touch to any footwear, by combining a more modern with a classical type look. These types of heels have been popping up in many runway shows and are definitely becoming the new thing for the 2016/2017 Fall Season. They look especially stunning on shoes that are unicolor and made of leather, offering a distinctive contrast that is absolutely eye-catching.

Like Heels? Then Try Sculpted Heels!

Heels have always been used to show professionalism with a flare of style and personality. It’s one of the most attention-grabbing features of the right type of footwear, so why not make it look even more amazing? Sculpted heels give a rather artistic look to shoes, especially since man-sculpted heels are taking on even more intricate designs, shapes, and colors than ever before.

These heels can range from chunky blocks, to fine-thin peaks, giving a lot of flexibility in terms of choice. And they also offer more elegant, yet simple renditions for those nights in the office.


Shoe Slits

This style has become increasingly popular in the fall of 2016 and is continuing to gain stride. This small feature of simply having an opening or slit on the front of the shoe provides a very small change with outstanding outcomes in terms of appearance and comfort. These are best for nicer weather days during the Fall when you want to add something a little bit sexier to your overall outfit. What’s amazing about this small aesthetic look is that it is perfect for both heels and flats, especially those that are leather or have reptile print.

Want to Spice Up Your Shoes? Get Some Textures and Prints

From reptile prints to funky and colorful designs, skin textures are a great way to give your footwear the pop that it needs. Reptile textures have especially appeared at many different fashion shows and events around the world, and are starting to gain traction in terms of style and practicality. When combined with sculpted heels, textures really elevate one’s artistic sense of style.

Cat prints are becoming exceptionally popular, as the tiger stripes really make a statement and a pop of color, when paired with a black and white style outfit on top. Flowery prints are also a great addition and really lend a more feminine look that goes well with a light sundress.

In terms of texture, velvet (along with leather) is the most in-style for fall. Unlike leather, however, velvet looks a bit more luxurious and perfect for those expensive nights out or when you really want to make an impression. There are shoes that come in full velvet, which really makes the shoe stand out; however, if you want something a little more subtle, partial velvet on the top is fine, too.

Backless Shoes

We understand that autumn can become a tad bit chilly, but an open back shoe may just be worth the sacrifice. This design goes well with shoes ranging from professional, futuristic leather shoes to something a bit more stunning, like a pair of shimmering red heels. With added support from ankle straps, this concept looks absolutely gorgeous.

Pointed Toes 

The pointed toes on a shoe give a refined look that exudes complete confidence and professionalism. This feature exists in nearly any type of shoe and is a widely sought-after detail for fall/winter shoes.

Regardless of what style you’re trying to pull off for this fall season, know that there is something spectacular for you in terms of your footwear. Whether you want to go for a more precise and simplistic look, or want to indulge in something more luxurious and eye-catching, following these latest trends will put you on the right track.