Guest Post – Flatironpro’s 13 DIY Flatiron Tricks

Author Bio: Hi guys. My name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past ten years and have been graced to work with some of the top ranking professionals in the field. For the latest information on hair products, styling tips and more, check out my hair straightener reviews.

The Flatiron can be a wonderfully powerful and versatile tool in the right hands. A straightening rod can be used not only to get straight hair but fashion many attractive hairstyles as well. In this article, we’ll introduce to you a treasure trove of new, fun and fantastic hairstyles that you can wear right now!

13 styles that will have you looking beautiful in no time:

1) Sexy Beach Waves: Getting those perfect waves isn’t a difficult task anymore, in fact, it isn’t a long shot to say that, it’s not a task at all if you have a decent flatiron. All you need to do is clamp your flatiron in between your hair strands and start rotating them just like you would do to a ribbon with a pair of scissors. Keep going until you get everything covered. And, there you have it – the perfect beach curls for a sunny day on the beach.Beach Waves

2) Bouncy Curls: Carrying a flat and a curling iron while traveling can be annoying. Did you know that a single iron can solve both problems? Take those sections and start calming them then rotate your wrist in an upward direction going from bottom to top. Now glide the straightener from your hair and you will have those curls.

Bouncy Curls

3) 60’s Style: The classic retro look is never out of fashion. There is always an old school event around the corner, where the theme is retro. Knowing this nifty little trick to get the perfect retro-do can save you time and have you looking fabulous. Create an eight-figure with portions of your hair around an extra large bobby pin. Now secure it using other opens. Once your hair is secured, you can place the pinned hair in between the flatiron. Next, release the iron and let your hair cool down and then open. You will have tight ridges.


 4) The Modern Crimp Cramp: Loose crimps are the in-thing these days especially if you don’t mind short cuts. All you have to do is hold a section of hair and start from the root. Clamp it and rotate your flat iron 90 degrees and release. Now move lower and do the same twisting the other way. The finished look should resemble the modern crimp cramp.

Crimp Cramp

5) Get that Sweaty Hairline Fixed right way: There are days when you come home late after working out or jogging and need to get to work quick without spending an hour in the bathroom washing your sweaty hair. Here is a simple trick that helps you set your hair quick and get out the door even quicker. Use a flatiron that supports wet hair (preferably with porcelain plates) and run it through your damp hair to set them. That’s all.

6) Shine: First split your hair into two neat divisions. Then divide them into 1.5 inches sections and apply serum on them. Gently rest the sections of hair on the flatiron without putting on any clamps. Run the iron from top to bottom without clamping and you’ll get that shiny look in no time.

7) Mermaid Locks: To get these chic bends on your hair, you first need to make several braids on the sides of your head as well as one at the back. Now run that flat iron, and you have the Disney princess’s soft locks.

Mermaid Locks

 8 ) Coloring Colors: Radical shades but just a for a night? Well, pick up a chalk (color of your choice ) run it over some strands now take a flat iron and run it through the strands to seal the color. This can be a fun thing to do especially with your daughters. This way you give them the look without damaging their hair with color dyes. Though always be careful with the weather change. You don’t want things to get ruined on a rainy day.

9) Bed Head looks Sexy: Effortless style, get the sea salt and spray it on your dry hair. Now take 1-inch sections twirl them into small circles, place the circles in between the plates and hold it for few seconds then release.

Bed Head

10) Hair Extensions: In today’s Hollywood life almost every actress uses extensions to confuse you with their both short and long hair. You can do the same. Every extension has sticky tape at the top. Now just sandwich your hair between the adhesives and use the flat iron so secure this stealth deal.

11) Pump it Up: Everyone loves that extra oomph, rest your hair on the bottom plate of your straightener. Glide the flat iron upwards away from the scalp. You will have soft and natural looking volume added to your hair.

12) Round Brush Curls: Blow dry time has to be cut off for the simple reason there is no time. No issue your flat iron is there to save the day. Rather than going straight down slowly rotate your way through down and under. You will have the perfect round brush curls.

Round Brush

13) Real Iron: De-wrinkles everything you just have wrinkled. Use your flat iron for the actual straightening now ;).




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