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A simple word and yet – such a tricky concept.

We respond well to facial symmetry and repeatedly seek it out; we love Angelina Jolie lips and Cate Blanchett cheekbones. We are obsessed with a Natalie Portman nose as well as a Kate Beckinsale eye shape. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with ideal facial features… but what we are blessed with is the fact we live in the era of makeup experts, cosmetic procedures and surgical tricks which manage to, by careful and precise implementation of interventions, bring the person their self-esteem back and, consequently, encourage a healthy and happy life afterwards.

In this article, we’re talking about tricks you may include in your daily routine and help your confidence blossom.

Problematic Skin

In the case of problematic skin, makeup and natural remedies can only help so much; it’s true, various makeup tricks may be an instant solution to a problem, but the idea is to put a stop on a problem altogether.

If you’ve got acne, acne scarring, ruddiness/rosacea, frequent breakouts and a continuing problem with your skin getting flaky or oily, schedule a visit with your dermatologist and cosmetician. Between face treatments, deep-cleaning methods and face masks removing harmful in-skin mechanisms, you’ll find the treatment that suits your skin.

More severe cases are to be targeted by laser treatments, for quick and effective results. Laser works on killing bacteria which minimizes the acne and removes any dark pigmented, superficial scars. IPL treatment or light therapy treatments are perfect for removing acne scarring.

Skin treatments are not where you save money or skip appointments. This is your skin, your visible health and beauty, and since you can fix it – why wouldn’t you?


Facial Disproportions

With the incredible makeup artists coming to us from Hollywood (where else, right?), makeup artistry is put on the map higher than it’s ever been. We are witnesses to facial transformations of celebrities, YouTubers and Instagram celebrities all around the world, with most of us trying to copy the visual trickery “with the right shade”, although usually failing terribly.

The most common facial elements makeup artists are targeting are cheekbones, noses and lips with the intent of achieving the expected proportions. Naturally, cheekbones are intended to be more prominent, noses smaller and thinner, and the lips fuller and plumper.

Cheekbones and lips aren’t that difficult to enhance as all they require is careful layering of product to achieve the effect; however, the nose contour often poses a challenge. While it is possible to minimally adjust the nose shape and size to a person’s desires, the “reality” behind makeup is nevertheless evident. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to surgical procedures for help, hoping to give their faces a softer element with a nose shape that will agree with their facial features.

Interestingly enough, experts in rhinoplasty from Sydney observe that rhinoplasty surgeries are currently top ranked procedures; and while they do agree such popularization of “nose-jobs” is symptomatic of the currently imposed ideals of beauty, they also believe this surgical procedure is an easy way for a patient to get their confidence back. Both women and men are observed to have experienced a major boost in self-confidence with their noses fixed.

Lip injections and botox come in second.


Minor Adjustments

If you’ve already got a beautiful face, and you’re only looking to give it a little oomph, here’s how:

  • Change your hair – Consult with a hair expert on the type of hairdo that agrees with your face. They’ll know how to help. Also, consider color change to achieve a desired effect
  • Re-shape your brows – We love our pampering moments at home, with Sex and the City on TV, a cup of coffee in one hand and tweezers in the other, don’t we? Sure! But, not at the cost of looking awful. Have your eyebrows shaped and plucked by a licensed beautician; she’ll recommend a shape that makes your face look softer, more beautiful and nurtured
  • Have silk lashes done – Silk lashes must be the invention of the century! Not only will it take you approximately ten minutes to get ready for work but you’ll also look spectacular at any given moment (whether it’s swimming, at the gym, right after you wake up, etc.)

It’s hard to admit, but – we’ve gone beauty-obsessed and there’s no turning back. The weird part? We love every second of it!


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