Guest Post By Elise – My Secret on How to Dress with an Attitude


Having a ‘perfect’ figure is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, every body type is slowly becoming the perfect body type. Whether you are a size zero or sixteen, whether you are sixteen or sixty-six years old, there is not a single reason why you should not be able to wear whatever you like, and look wonderful at any given moment, in every size and every age.

Your style should reflect your personality; so, here we’ll share a few secrets with you on how to let your attitude shine, with clothes as your tools.

Step 1: Choose a style

Whoever you are at heart should come across with your wardrobe. If you are a minimalist, stick to a certain color palette, consisting of grey, black, beige, white and dark blue items, which are above all, well-tailored.


A splash of color is encouraged in the accessories arena where you can be a bit bold when it comes to the colors and patterns of your bags and shoes. If, on the other hand, you are a colorful person who laughs loudly and wishes to be noticed, do not be afraid to embrace color. You want that fuchsia dress? Go for it! Floral peep-toe sandals? You go, girl!

If you are the girl who not only loves color but is playful and eager to experiment with patterns, there is not a single thing stopping you. And here on Buzzfeed you can find some great inspiration and guidance so your pattern game stays strong. There are so many different styles out there – boho, casual, polished and professional, edgy – you just have to look into yourself and pick the one that is YOU.


Step 2: Do not fall prey to trends

Now that the first step is done, we move on to lesson number 2 – do not follow every trend. Trends come and go, but style is forever. It is part of your identity, so choose wisely the garments you will give permission to represent you. You have worked hard to build your style personality, so do not waste your time and money on something that will probably have the life span of a fruit fly.


Step 3: Learn to be frugal

This step should be easy once you have conquered one and two. When you know what you like, and are determined not to stray away from your style, the next step is to learn which stores sell the items you like and stick to them. In addition to that, learn which items are justifiably costly, like shoes, bags and outerwear. Everything else has a shorter lifespan, so don’t ever spend hundreds of dollars on a shirt. In the spirit of going frugal, yet retaining a sense of quality, do not shy away from secondhand and thrift stores. They carry used but well-preserved clothes that, more often than not, are of better craftsmanship and quality than most of the new things out there.


Aside from that, if you are a new mom-to-be, you’ll want to be stylish but also not spend a fortune on clothes you will only be wearing for nine months or so. This is where secondhand stores come in really handy, so ditch expensive maternity stores and shop for maternity pants at Swap. Later on you can just pass them on to your friend, and not regret giving away expensive clothes.


Step 4: Confidence, confidence

The final lesson is – whatever you choose to put on yourself and walk out the door, do it with confidence. Clothes are merely tools, but you are the one who makes the whole thing work. So, strut with a smile and conquer the day.Sun3-22-2016

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Elise is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary life that she shares with her 8 pets. She is a health and fitness fanatic who adores hiking, long bicycle rides, paragliding and all sorts of extreme sports. After all, she did spend hundreds of hours in the air. She loves writing about health, beauty, adventures, experiences and life in general.