Guest Post – Diana’s Styling Ideas for Petite Women

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with new fashion trends and beauty secrets. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Somehow it seems that the complete media and magazine hype is focused solely on various ways to help girls appear slimmer, thinner and slenderer. But what about the other side of the coin? Many people tend to forget about the never-ending battle between petite girls and fashion industry standards. Contrary to popular belief, small and extra small don’t fit all petite girls and sometimes it becomes quite difficult to find the appropriate garments to dress up. So until the fashion experts learn to create clothing in appropriate dimensions, all we can do is improvise.


Balance is the Key

One of the most important rules when choosing what to wear is learning to balance your outfit. The most common mistake is letting your clothes devour you, which can easily happen by putting on too many accessories or going overboard with patterns and textures. This is why the best solution is to stick to simple outfits, solid colours and small details. This is especially important if you have a big bust or booty, as you want to achieve the perfect balance, without drawing too much attention to a specific area of your body.

The Art of Layering

If you’re looking for simple hacks to help you combine a flawless outfit, it’ll be necessary to learn how to layer certain garments. This can greatly help you achieve your wanted look without too much hassle. Many petite girls find themselves in a situation where a garment fits in one place, but not in the other. Blazers and fitted jackets are definite lifesavers, as they help you cover up those unflattering spots. Another thing that comes in handy is using statement belts, as they have the ability to add another layer and define your waist.


Scour the Shops

Instead of despairing because of your size and the lack of garments in your favourite shops, it would be better to try and use this to your advantage. For instance, certain clothing items such as ¾ sleeved blouses or trousers can be a great fit for your size, while scouring the kid’s department surely won’t hurt. Before you start blushing when choosing some kid-sized items, remember that not only do these departments have a wide array of chic clothing items, but they’re actually much more affordable. This is especially handy when looking for a new pair of boots or sneakers.

Create an Illusion

Before you start getting used to wearing the highest heels, perhaps you should rely on some old but easy tricks to help you appear taller. You can easily elongate your figure by following some basic rules such as avoiding dominant prints and patterns and opting for elevated waists when it comes to pants and skirts. Deep plunging necklines also give an illusion of height, while you can greatly benefit from wearing monochrome outfits which maintain a vertical line and lengthen your figure.



Whether you’re handy with the thread and needle or need help from a professional tailor, sometimes it’ll be necessary to do some fixing up. This is a good idea if you wish to make your winter coats fit well or simply shorten your long jeans. When it comes to dresses, it’s best to rely on the magic of the little black dress, but keep in mind that most of your dresses will require some shortening or even some neckline adjusting.

And while the fashion industry is still focused on creating sizes that’ll fit the universal body type (the perfect model look on magazine covers), many girls are left dumbfounded by the lack of fashion garments for their body size. By now, we’re pretty aware that one size definitely doesn’t fit all, but with just a bit of imagination and a few handy tricks, dressing up will never pose a problem even for petites.


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