Guest Post – Diana’s Biggest Tattoo Trends for 2016

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The past year has brought us a ton of breath-taking and quirky tattoo designs, and 2016 is not falling behind either. Tattoo artists keep pushing the boundaries on how a human skin can be stain-painted. Just a decade ago, people never imagined that styles like cross-stitching or realism would translate all too well onto a human canvas.

While this year brings a large number of fresh, cutting-edge trends, some classic or last season styles are still as popular. Here’s our selection of hottest tattoo designs for 2016.



While fashion models and actors usually go for the tiny, peekaboo tattoos due to industry demands, the latest boom in the tattoo circles stands as its diametrical opposition. The trend that’s heated up the tattoo parlours all around the world entails having large areas eclipsed with pitch black tint.

A Singapore-based artist Chester Lee initiated this craze by posting a photo of a women who had her bust and arms covered completely with solid ebony-tinted ink, resembling body paint. The procedure may require tens of hours of work, so this style is probably best-suited for the die-hard tattoo lovers.

While the technique is most frequently used to cover up unwanted or poorly done tattoo works, this method inspired by Polynesian tattooing tradition is starting to appeal more and more to “bare-skinned” people.



Here’s a design with a potent and empowering message, and the wearers usually choose a discreet spot for it. If you ever met anyone wearing a semicolon tattoo either on their wrist, behind their ear, on their ankle or on a finger side, you should know that it stands for perseverance and battle. More precisely, this serves to represent any form of mental struggle (bipolar, anxiety disorder, PMDD, etc.) and an importance of suicide prevention.

This symbol, launched in 2013, has managed to unite and create a supporting circle of people struggling with such issues with powerful message of love, understanding and hope. The punctuation mark itself stands for a pause in the writer’s thought where they could have ended the sentence, but chose not to. This piece is a great conversation starter – a means of spreading the word about this serious matter and removing the stigma attached to this type of conditions.



Would this design be approved by conservative grandmas around the globe? The design is certainly something close to their heart, but it seems the youngsters are equally impressed by it. Whether it’s embroidery, crocheting or knitting inspired stencil, this effect is a breath of fresh air for the tattooing community. No matter if you’re a knit nerd or a yarn harlot (as the crafters call themselves), the design provides enough room for colourful skin-rooted expressions.

Trash Polka

Trash polka

This unique style was invented by German artists Plaff and Merschky, and you can describe it as a SinCity comic book feel mixed with apocalyptic vibe and strong. The palette used consists mostly of striking black and blood red shade. This method is a powerful medium for storytelling and it usually covers large areas of skin. You can see great examples of trash polka tattoo style in reputable Sydney parlours and develop a one-of-a-kind idea for your tattoo.



The renaissance of forgotten styles and techniques has brought another gorgeous tattooing method to the table. While traditional manner of tattooing creates heavy borders, this trend is all about colouring outside the lines and creating a watercolour-dripping, soft look.

This one usually appeals to the creative individuals who want to carry a piece of art on their skin at all times. Although watercolour tattoos may fade a bit with time, but touch-ups won’t be necessary as this style aims for that blurry, delicate effect.

Discreet or flamboyant, tattoos are a great way to express your inner perturbations, beliefs and ongoing struggles. Also, they are a magnificent form of wearable, skin-art for ink lovers.



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