Guest Post by Amy Mia – Essential Summer-Style Pieces

1Okay ladies, summer is just around the corner and I hope you didn’t throw out too many things during spring cleaning because summer will have us running trying to find the pieces to fit the summer fashion craze. In between beaches, festivals and everyday life, we are all going to need an arsenal of clothing, catering to all of our summer needs.2Tops

Whether you like them long or cropped, plain or printed, tops are an absolute essential, because that cute pair of shorts needs a partner. This season go for ruffles, bold statement prints and hot pinks because if there is one thing that has been confirmed on the catwalks – fuchsia is the color of the season.3Shorts

Sure, the fact that shorts are going to be in this summer is not mind-blowing news, but let’s talk about the trends and varieties. Flowy, floral print shorts are back and they are a must-have for festival season, but they also have fierce competition in the form of DIY shorts. In a world where everyone is wearing the same clothes as the person next to them, decorating your own clothing – or making it from scratch – is a foolproof way to get noticed.


Strappy sandals will forever be in our hearts, and why wouldn’t they, since their only flaw is the odd tan lines they leave? When shopping for shoes this summer, keep in mind your planned activities. Are you going to need comfortable sneakers for hiking or flip-flops for the beach? Thinking this way will stop you from spending money on things you don’t really need and prevent your shoe closet from turning into a hot mess.4Cover-Ups

Whether you are getting your swim on the beach or in a pool, a cover-up is a must have. Cover-ups are a great accessory for people who tend to burn rather than tan, and they can come in handy if a chilly breeze comes your way.5Dresses

You can walk down any shopping street in your city, see a hundred cute boutique dresses and want to have them all. But how do you know which ones to choose? Well, every girl needs a good maxi dress for hot summer days and long walks on the beach, then a little black dress for the more formal occasions and, of course, a flowy skater dress that is just perfect for when you want to look cute while running errands.


Playsuits, rompers, jumpsuits… They all have one thing in common: the elegance and femininity of a dress, combined with the comfort and practicality of wearing pants. Playsuits are a must for summer and with million styles, designs and variations you are guaranteed to find something you will love and which will fit you like a dream.


Of course, you need somewhere to put all of your stuff in, but how to decide on which bag to bring to what occasion? If you are going to the beach, feel free to bring as big of a bag as you’d like and pack in all of your essentials and the not-so-essentials. When running around town, make sure you have enough space for everything you brought with you, but also some extra space for an unplanned shopping item. Finally, for special occasions have a good clutch that can fit your wallet, phone, keys and makeup for touch-ups.

Remember that, no matter what the current trends are, you should always stay true to your personal style and wear only the things you feel good in, because that is the only way you will feel truly comfortable. So, embrace the sun and get those shades out because it is time to have some fun.


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