GlamWhite Home Bleaching Elite Kit

No, I did not dye my hair to match the GlamWhite Home Bleaching Elite Kit… It was just a happy coincidence. 😉
A while back I talked about the GlamWhite Bleaching Pen in the Teeth Whitening & Dental Hygiene post and was thoroughly impressed. I just had to also get the GlamWhite Home Bleaching Elite Kit and give it a try. The GlamWhite Elite Kit is the perfect set for bleaching your teeth at home. White teeth represent health, vitality and youth which means that having white teeth won’t just boost your own confidence but will alter the way other people view you in first impression situations such as a job interview or first date. The GlamWhite Elite Kit contains a bleaching gel with the highest effectiveness which is allowed in Switzerland for cosmetic bleaching at home. The blue LED-light which comes with the set makes the treatment up to six times shorter time wise. To protect your teeth and gums the set contains a high quality remineralising gel and vitamin E swabs. Another great part of this set are the dental splints which you can form yourself to match your teeth perfectly.Thanks to active oxygen the enamel won’t be worn as it would be with an abrasive toothpaste. Every six month you should re-bleach your teeth for best results. With GlamWhite you can buy handy refill kits to minimise waste and optimise the cost efficiency. I won’t go into the details of the whole process but here are some of the most important steps. Firstly I had to form the dental splints to match my teeth and determine the shade of my teeth prior to the treatment. To protect the teeth and gums I applied the vitamin E to my gums. After filling the splints with the bleaching gel and putting them in my mouth I also put the LED-light in front of my teeth. Now I needed to wait for an hour before rinsing my teeth with water and gently brushing them with a toothbrush.Already after one treatment I saw a huge improvement thanks to the teeth shade guide where I could check the progress. This process I repeated everyday for five days. After the last treatment you can treat the teeth with the Remineralising & Desensitising Gel. To refresh the bleach you can use the GlamWhite Bleaching Pen when needed.
I am hugely impressed with GlamWhite and in particular this great set. I think it’s a very affordable alternative to having your teeth bleached at the dentist. Because I want you to be able to try out this kit as well I got a discount code for you. You can get 10% off all products on with the code diamants10 until end of October. If you purchase a GlamWhite Elite Kit with or without the Refill Kit you will additionally get a free GlamWhite lip balm.

Have you ever bleached your teeth?





P.S. The awesome hair color I got by dying my hair with the L’Oréal Colovista hair dye in the shade Purple and my cute lashes and brows are thanks to the Lash Bar in Zürich.