Foundation and Concealer Comparison

Recently I did a survey in my Instagram story asking you guys whether you also find it hard to find a foundation which on the one hand meets your needs in regards to longevity and coverage etc but which on the other hand also matches your skin tone perfectly. The results were shocking but not unexpected. More than half said that they had a hard time finding the perfect foundation. So I decided to try five different foundations from three brands and three different concealers from two brands and share with you what my experience was. Before I dive into my review on the products I will give you a brief info about each product and what the aims of the foundation or concealer are according to the brand. First up is the Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ with SPF 15 in the shade 102.5 Porcelain. This foundation promises a perfectly matte, luminous complexion for 18 hours. Additionally it should have high coverage and protect the skin from pollution, free radicals and UVA/UVB rays. The formula also contains extracts from organic quinoa which keep the skin smooth and hydrated.
From wet n wild I tried two foundations from their photofocus Foundation line. The shades are from left to right Soft Ivory and Nude Ivory. This foundation’s motto is Your skin, only better. In that spirit wet n wild has tried to create a high-performing and skin-perfecting foundation which should look good under seven different photo lighting conditions so your makeup will always look good in photos.The last two foundations are from L’Oréal’s new perfect match line and are the shades 2.N Vanilla and 1.R/1.C Rose Ivory. Perfect match is supposed to perfectly tune itself to your skin tone and structure. It should also have good coverage without weighing down. It contains three light and non greasy oils which makes it easy to adjust the coverage you’d like.Also from L’Oréal I tried these two perfect match concealers in the same shades as the foundations. These concealers are designed to cover dark under-eye circles, mask blemishes and brighten shadow zones. The ultra light texture adjusts itself to the skin tone. The formula additionally contains caffeine.The last concealer is from wet n wild and is the photofocus concealer in the shade Light Ivory. As with the foundation this concealer also has been selfie-tested to be white cast-free under seven different photo lighting conditions. The concealer is high coverage, super creamy and luminous.Now let’s get on with my experience of each of these foundations and concealers. I’m going to start from the bottom and work my way up in the image above.
The Clarins foundation as claimed by the brand truly is a very high quality foundation which feels amazing. As you can see it blends in beautifully with the skin and is super long wearing. Also the Everlasting Foundation has a great coverage and I wouldn’t even need a concealer to go with it. I say wouldn’t because unfortunately as I am sure you can tell the shade is too dark and especially too pink for my skin tone. While testing the different brands I thought it was astounding how the lightest shade from each brand varies so much in colour. What I love about the Clarins foundation though is the quality and precision of the pump as well as its built in SPF 15.
The two wet n wild foundations are a lot lighter than the Clarins foundation but also have less coverage unfortunately. They do however blend beautifully with my skin and the shade Nude Ivory is a very good match for my tone.
L’Oréal’s perfect match foundation in the shade 1.R/1.C Rose Ivory is very similar in color to the wet n wild Nude Ivory shade. Perfect match though is even lighter than photofocus while still maintaining a good coverage over blemishes. 2.N Vanilla is unfortunately too brown for me.
The two perfect match concealers blend very well and have good coverage. They could however be a little thicker in their consistency.
Wet n wild’s concealer is absolutely perfect in its consistency and has great coverage and tone.

In conclusion I have to say that formula and quality wise Clarins is the definite winner. Color match wise though the L’Oréal and wet n wild foundations in the shades Rose Ivory and Nude Ivory are the closest. The concealer which I like the best is definitely wet n wild’s.
For me however it is now clearer than ever that finding the perfect match is very hard and there are so many different factors which play a role. Also for everyone each foundation will feel and look different so I cannot recommend any one of them to you personally. You simply have to try them yourself. I do think though that it is worth spending the time to find a great foundation because it is the most important part of your makeup.

Have you found your perfect foundation and concealer?