Filabé Skin Clear Review


For years I have been disappointed by various products all promising to clear my skin of blemishes. A long time ago I gave up all hope of finding a cream, serum or wipe that would actually make a visible difference. Last week I tried this new product called Filabé Skin Clear from Switzerland without much hope and was astounded. Already after just a few days I noticed my skin clearing and the blemishes vanishing.

In this post I will write about why Filabé’s products work, how to use them and my personal experience.

How Filabé works

The wipes help reduce blemishes and oily skin. They achieve this by including liposomes embedded with active ingredients in the fabric which start working when they get in contact with water. Ok… that was a bit complicated. So basically they have little transport vehicles filled with good stuff for your skin which, when moistened gets released in your skin. This is much more effective then when applying with a cream as a much higher concentration of the ingredients are absorbed. At the same time the cloth gives your skin a gentle peel removing any dead skin cells. Also Filabé doesn’t contain any alcohol, emulsifying agents, perfumes or conservatives which could harm your skin. They have been tested by Dermatest® and the result is “very good”.


How to use Filabé

You only need one Filabé wipe a day, so it’s best to use it in the evening so you can take your make-up of with it.

  1. Hold the wipe under some water, but don’t wring it out as you thus wash out valuable particles.
  2. Massage your face, neck, and décolletage with it for 30-45 seconds.
  3. Make sure you fully use the wipe and don’t worry about all the make-up on it. The wipe locks the make-up in and only lets the good active ingredients into your skin.
  4. After you are finished, don’t apply any creams or other products to your face.

And that’s it. So easy!


Here’s a way of using the towel for various parts of your face:

Area 1: Left eye, nose and forehead
Area 2: Right eye, nose and forehead
Area 3: Cheeks, mouth, neck and décolletage


My experience

At first I was sceptical. I just thought it was going to be jet another brand who is trying to sell me a product to give me clearer skin but which will in the end just disappoint me!

But now after only one week of using Filabé I am amazed. My skin is so much clearer. It takes me less time for my daily skin care routine. And best of all I only need one product. According to Filabé though it can take up to a month to see a difference. I guess it varies from person to person.

A few thoughts on the packaging and design.
The packaging is very ecologic since it comes in a cardboard parcel and plastic wrapping which are the same size of the wipes. Therefore there isn’t much waste. Unfortunately though as you have to use a new wipe every day one does have a bit more to throw away than with a cream or gel. The design of the packaging is simple and modern. It isn’t plastered with images and text which can result in total mayhem.


One of my favorite things about Filabé is, that it’s absolutely perfect for travelling. I hate having a make-up bag (or two 🙂 full of bottles and sprays… which by the way can leak, as I have experienced countless times. With the Filabé Skin Clear wipes all you additionally need is water! Because the wipes are dry you can even carry them in your hand luggage.


As I have mentioned above, I am very pleased with the results I got. Filabé takes the make-up off quickly and efficiently. I find I get this oddly good feeling when I see make-up on my wipe or flannel. I guess it gives me the affirmation that it’s really working and that my skin is being cleansed deeply. Well this is definitely the case with Filabé!

When I used the wipes for the first few times it didn’t feel like they were doing anything, unlike with a moisturizer where you feel the oily texture. You can only tell by waiting for a few days and see the positive results.

The only problem I faced (no pun intended 🙂 was that my skin felt a bit tight afterwards and I wanted to moisturize. A few minutes later the sensation had passed though and as my skin felt well hydrated the next day it is only a tiny minus in my opinion. With all other Filabé wipes except the Skin Clear ones which I tested you can moisturize afterwards without diminishing the effects.


Where to buy

Filabé Essential Care: For dry, sensitive and normal skin

Filabé Skin Clear: Removes pimples, blackheads and oily skin

Filabé Anti-Aging: Removes wrinkles and rejuvenates visibly

Filabé Whitening: Visibly reduces age and pigmentation spots


Over all I am thoroughly impressed with Filabé and would recommend it any day.
Do you have any experience with Filabé? I would love to read your comment below.

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