My favourite Summer Fragrances for 2017

ProductsI’m a total perfume junkie. I literally have a whole shelf full of them. It’s not just the variety of scents I love but also all the different beautiful and delicate bottle designs. I like getting up in the morning and taking a moment to think about how I feel today and then to match my feeling with a scent. There are days where I feel light and happy which is when I’ll choose a fun floral scent, other days I feel super sexy and want something a little seductive and sometimes I want a real power fragrance that gives me that girl boss feeling I need to master the day’s tasks. Today I want to show you my three new additions to my collection. KissSpeaking of girl boss whenever I need some motivation I’ll listen to my favourite Rihanna hits and what better fragrance to accompany that feeling than a scent by Rihanna. I got her fragrance called kiss which is a sexy, playful and elegant scent. In the head note you’ll find neroli, plum and freesia. The chic heart note is made up of orange blossom and peony. The seductive base is created with amber and cedar wood.
ReplayThis awesome looking bottle is filled with the perfume called #Tank Replay. For people like me who love cars and driving this perfume is great as it reminds you of the petrol tank. The scent is super delicious with its hint of vanilla and chocolate. AcquaThe scent 4711 Acqua Colonia comes in a quaint old fashioned bottle. This fragrance is very natural and balancing with its white peach and coriander. The peach helps you relax during a long stressful day whilst the lemony coriander will revitalise you.

What are your favourite fragrances?


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