Favourite Autumn Perfumes 2016


I’m a fan of perfumes. I don’t go a day with out a spritz of some fragrance to accompany me. Today I’m going to show you my two favourite Autumn scents and also a perfume for men incase you need ideas on what to give your man for Christmas.


Today’s perfumes are Modern Muse Nuit by Estée Lauder and S.Oliver’s Tropical Flowers Women and Tropical Trees Men.

First up is Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse Nuit. This new fragrance comes in a glamorous and mesmerising gold bottle. The scent is inspired by opulence, intrigue and the exploration of the deeper, nocturnal, more addictive side of a Modern Muse. The innovative “dual-impression” fragrance structure allows women to experience the fragrance through two contrasting accords; bold and seductive Jasmine Absolute and luxurious opulence of Musk & Amber. Besides these delicious ingredients Modern Muse Nuit also contains Blue Chamomile, Exotic Mandarin, Bourgeon de Cassis, Sandalwood, Clearwood™ and Madagascar Vanilla SFE.


S.Oliver’s Tropical Flowers Women comes in a cute little bottle decorated with a floral design. This limited edition scent will carry you off to an exotic place where you can hear the ocean, feel the sand in between your toes and feel the warm sun touch your skin. This sensual and refreshing fragrance is made up of pineapple, watermelon, citric yuzu, exotic petals, amber, tropical woods and peach.


The fragrance Tropical Trees Men by S.Oliver comes in the same bottle design as Tropical Flowers but here the color is blue instead of pink. This scent will also give you the feeling of lying on the beach with a drink in one hand enjoying life. The more masculine ingredients are cardamom, grapefruit, lemon, lavender, pelargonium, nutmeg and exotic woods.

I must say that packaging wise Estée Lauder clearly won but scent wise they are all amazing. Modern Muse Nuit is more the fragrance for a hot and steamy night whereas the S.Oliver perfumes are very light, florally and will remind you of Summer.

Have you tried any of these fragrances?


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