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I had often seen advertisements for the Fashion Fish Factory Outlet but I had never gotten around to checking it out until I got invited to an event at Fashion Fish. Arriving at the event we each got a whopping CHF 500.- voucher for the entire outlet which we could spend however we wanted to! The only guidance was that we should create a Christmas or New Year’s Eve look. With this generous opportunity I first took a look around the outlet and browsed through all the different shops. Fashion Fish is a factory outlet for designer brands such as Hallhuber, Guess, Hugo Boss, Bally, Diesel, Lacoste and so many more. To see all the shops at Fashion Fish click here. As it is an outlet you can find amazing deals with huge price reductions. Personally I think it is a great way of shopping for high quality and great design clothes and shoes without burning though all your savings. Now around the holidays it is a perfect opportunity to go on a shopping spree for an outfit for all the parties and festivities or to do some Christmas present shopping. Another idea is to get gift vouchers so you can spend a fun shopping trip with whomever you think would love such a gift. Here you can purchase a gift voucher. Now I’d like to talk about all the amazing pieces I found on my shopping spree. First I stopped by Guess, one of my favourite shops for handbags, and bought a stunning burgundy coloured handbag and a stylish cropped faux leather jacket. Next up I went to Hallhuber and found two beautiful jackets. One was a cream / champagne coloured silky bomber jacket and the other a dazzling blue and gold little coat which looks super festive and is perfect for Christmas. This jacket was reduced from CHF 250.- down to CHF 50.-. What a fabulous deal! I really wanted to get a pair of shoes as well which I got lucky with at Hugo Boss. At a huge discount I got a classy pair of black leather heels. In the end I had a little money left from the original 500. With this I found a potato chipper I had wanted for a long time which was half price and I just couldn’t resist. 🙂 After taking a quick break I got to do a photoshoot with the talented Andrea Monica Hug of whom I am a huge fan of. Enough chit chat. Below you can see the fun shots Andrea took of me and my new Hallhuber jacket, Guess handbag and Hugo Boss heels.




Photographs by Andrea Monica Hug


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