Fall In Love with Yankee Candle’s Autumn Collection

By now no one can deny the inevitability of autumn. We’re already in its midst and it is no longer just around the corner. Luckily there are plenty of ways to make autumn a tad sweeter and a ton cosier. My favourite part of autumn and winter is enjoying Yankee Candle’s scented candles while the cold wind is whooshing around our house. Just in time Yankee Candle has released their autumn collection which is called Fall In Love…In the perfect fall color the candle Vibrant Saffron won’t just fill your house with a warm, sweet and spicy scent but will also set that autumn mood. These minis and wax melts are perfect for trying out the scents before buying a big jar. To calm down after a stressful day simply light Warm Cashmere and relax to the delicious scent of sandal wood. Mulberry & Fig Delight makes you practically taste the flavours of juicy autumn fruit. Yummy! The first thing I think of when I hear autumn is walking through thousands of colourful dried leaves. Autumn Glow is the perfect scent to go along with that feeling.If you’re less the candle type and more into diffusers then Millefiori’s Natural Magnolia Blossom & Wood diffuser is for you. I love keeping one in the bathrooms at all times so it always smells relaxing and refreshing. The perfect gift this autumn is this beautiful set of four Yankee Candle minis. It gets even better if you add a candle holder to the set such as this beautiful turquoise one. It took me a while to figure out what this is. The Black Coconut Fragrance Spheres are little scented jelly baubles which like the diffuser make the room smell divine all the time.

What’s your favourite way to spice up autumn?