Fall Favourites 2017

It feels like ages since I’ve last done a beauty favourites piece which is why today I’m going to update you on some fall favourites for 2017 of mine.These first products aren’t exactly fall specific but as they are what I’m currently using I still would like to tell you about them. To maintain my white blonde hair colour I need to take extra good care of the colour which I currently do with these three Guhl hair products. For everyday use I like the Blonde shampoo and conditioner which both contain the chardonnay berry. The shampoo and conditioner make the colour extra shiny and glossy whilst also nourishing and hydrating the hair. Every now and then my hair tends to go a little yellowish which I can get rid of easily with the Guhl Silberglanz treatment. Besides getting rid of the yellow immediately it also intensely nourishes the hair and revitalises it. I’m especially a fan of Dr. Hauschka products in autumn and winter as they are super hydrating and help my dry skin a lot. Three fall favourites are the Lip Care Stick, Neem Nail & Cuticle Pen and the Rose Nurturing Bath Essence. We all know the feeling of awfully chapped lips in the colder months. This is were the Lip Care Stick comes in. It softens and protects lips that are prone to dryness. Additionally it also provides light sun protection with its SPF 3.
The Neem Nail & Cuticle Pen will keep your nails in the best possible condition which is especially important when our skin is exposed to such dry air.
The whole last week I was sick which made me enjoy the Rose Nurturing Bath Essence all the more. The essence contains tons of amazing ingredients such as rose water, rose essential oil, rose petal extracts as well as almond and jojoba oil. Perfect to fight off that fall flu. Lastly I’d like to recommend these two fragrances that are perfect for that autumn feeling. For the women Police has released a scent called Legend which is a very powerful and spicy fragrance. In autumn I love to channel that pumpkin spice with my perfume and Legend by Police reminds me of that. For the men Replay Signature is a classic masculine scent which goes perfectly with that fall feeling.

What are your fall favourites this year?