Faber-Castell Hand Lettering

A couple weeks ago Faber-Castell invited me to a fabulous hand lettering workshop. We got to learn all about the new trend hand lettering and try out Faber-Castell’s hand lettering pens. I thought I have to tell you about these new products before Christmas as they are great for creating beautiful and personalised Christmas cards and tags for presents.At the event I tried out their Pitt Artist Pens which now come in various Hand Lettering Sets and an awesome Metallic set which is definitely my favourite.Faber-Castell was so kind to let me take home a couple of their new Hand Lettering Sets and also a classic pen, pencil, ball point pen and stunning purple Leuchtturm notebook which are all also fabulous Christmas present ideas.Here you can see three of the Pitt Artist Pen Hand Lettering Sets. On the left you see a set containing six different colourful Pitt Artist Pens in the sizes S and B. In the center are the four Metallic shades which are all in the size 1,5. On the right is a set with various green shades also in the sizes S and B.
Here you see a size B which is quite a large tip in the shape of a fine paint brush. You can use it in multiple ways which each result in a completely different line size. If you push quite hard on the tip you get a nice thick line and if you push lightly it’ll turn into a finer line. This is one way hand lettering works. By pushing with different forces at various parts of the letter you get a lovely artistic effect.This is the size S which is great for precise and controlled writing or creating very fine letters and designs.Lastly here is the tip of the blue metallic pen which is unique in itself. I love the metallics for a wonderful festive effect. They are perfect for decorating cards, bags, gifts or whatever else you’d like.┬áIf you’re not sure about how to hand letter just start by decorating letters and playing with the way letters look. If you’re like me however and need some extra inspiration just google hand lettering or check out some tutorials on YouTube. I recommend giving it a try anyways as it is a wonderful way to be creative and relax.