Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham Collection


My ultimate idol is Victoria Beckham. I love the way she empowers women to do what they love, makes women feel beautiful and how she combines an amazing career with raising four beautiful children. When I heard about her collaboration with Estée Lauder I was totally psyched. When I a couple of weeks ago got a parcel full of the Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham products you should have seen how overjoyed I was! So today I’m finally going to show you four of the limited edition Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham collection products.


Before I get into the different products though I’d like to talk about the idea behind the collection. The focus of the products is to create a natural, glowing complexion, an expressive metallic eye makeup and nude lips for a modern finish. For the four big cities London, New York, Los Angeles and Paris there is each a signature look.


What Victoria Beckham says about her new collection:

“I want to encourage women to feel strong, sexy and confident. This makeup collection is the perfect tool for that. I enjoy helping women look beautiful.”


In the image above you can see the four products that I got to try out. At the top is the Bronzer Java Sun, right from that the Lip Gloss Moroccan Heat, below the Eye Kajal Dup Black Saffron/Vanille and at the bottom the Highlighter Modern Mercury.


In my personal makeup routine I love to combine a dark and a light shade eyeliner to make each color pop even more in contrast. For that reason the Eye Kajal Duo Black Saffron/Vanille is the perfect combination for me. On the one side is the shade black saffron and on the other side the nude vanilla color. Both have a very creamy and easy to blend texture. You can for example apply the nude color during the day and switch it up with black for the night or as I personally like to do it you can combine them to make each color stand out. To create this effect I just draw a double cat wing line with the black shade and add the nude vanilla in-between the two lines.


For a gorgeous classy day time makeup you of course need the perfect nude lip gloss. The Lip Gloss Moroccan Heat is a high shine gloss that you can either apply on its own or add on top of your favourite lipstick to give it that glossy finish. The first thing you’ll notice about this products is its typically delicious Estée Lauder fig scent which makes you want to eat it straight off your lips.


In the image below I’ve swatched from top to bottom the Lip Gloss Moroccan Heat, the Bronzer Java Sun and the absolutely stunning Highlighter Modern Mercury.

When I’m creating a natural makeup look and want to go for that hot Summer glow I always like adding a touch of bronzer. I like to apply the Bronzer Java Sun from my ear towards the tip of my nose along my cheek bone, on my forehead, nose and chin. For a more dramatic evening makeup I use the bronzer for a defining contour giving my face more definition and structure.

Last but certainly not least my favourite product from the Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham collection. Obviously I am a massive highlighter fan and I can only praise this little beauty called Modern Mercury. Even if I am in a major hurry I will always make time to apply a light dusting of highlighter to my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, chin, forehead and below my brow arches. As soon as a ray of sunlight touches the sparkle it looks like you’ve been lightly powdered in the most magical fairy dust!


For all you Victoria Beckham and/or Estée Lauder fans out there I would highly recommend you run to your next Estée Lauder store that stocks this limited edition collection and get your hands on as many beauties as you can!

Have you tried any of these amazing products yet?


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      It really is a super luxurious and high quality collection! I can only recommend it. 🙂

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