Estée Lauder Pure Color Love & Phantasya

No namePure Color Love is the name of Estée Lauder’s new lipstick line. The special thing about this line isn’t just its kaleidoscopic range of colours but also its various finishes. BoxThe line consists of a whopping thirty shades and four different types of finishes. The four finishes are:

  • Ultramatte – an intensive colour with a matting effect
  • Pearl Shimmer – an intensive colour with a shimmering pearl effect
  • Cool Chrome Shades – intensive chrome colours with an extreme pearl effect
  • Super Creamy – intensive opaque creamy colours

ProductsI got to try out one of each finishes. Above you can see from left to right:
Nova Noir (Cool Chrome Shade), Love Object (Ultramatte), Radical Chic (Super Creamy), Sky High (Pearl Shimmer)250 Radical ChicHere I am wearing Radical Chic with the finish Super Creamy. First of all I just love this shade. It isn’t too baby pink but also still quite subtle and classy. The texture is rather creamy but I did notice that if your lips aren’t well exfoliated and hydrated these lipsticks do show the chapped skin very well. This wasn’t just a problem with this shade but with all of them. The opaqueness of Radical Chic is roughly medium which would match its creamy and hydrating nature.

As you can see I’m wearing a super cool wooden watch in this foto. The watch is from the brand Bambuu which sells not only stylish wooden watches but also wooden sunglasses and various other amazing products. The watch I’m wearing is called The Maui Marble. More on this brand will follow in a future post.480 Nova NoirNova Noir the limited edition Cool Chrome lipstick is pretty cool. I like the metallic shimmer effect. I do have to say though that to me it is more of a glitter than a metallic look. Again the texture is super nice and the the product goes on well.260 Sky HighAs I mentioned before I’m not a huge fan of baby pink lipsticks as I find they don’t quite match my skin tone. For this reason understandably my first choice wouldn’t be this colour called Sky High from the Pearl Shimmer finishes. I’ve gotta admit though that the Pearl Shimmer finish is pretty magnificent. I found that with all the new Estée Lauder lipsticks it was really easy to apply them precisely without needing the help of a lipstick brush or a lipliner. No nameLastly my favourite shade. It’s called Love Object from the Ultramattes. As you probably know I’m a huge fan of matte lipsticks and this one is no different. Besides my love for the finish I’m also digging this darker shade. Definitely my style! What’s also great about this matte finish is that it isn’t super drying as many matte lipsticks tend to be.

In all the fotos you can see me wearing some gorgeous aqua, green and blue jewellery. The stunning ring, earrings and necklace are all from the fabulous brand Phantasya. You can check out the amazing jewellery brand either on their website or go visit them in a Globus store near you. What I love most about their pieces besides how beautiful and eye-catching they are is that they are made with Swarovski elements and sparkle like crazy.


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