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Today I’m showing you how to create a very natural nude look with the new Estée Lauder New Dimension line. Personally I love a simpel and easy yet still flattering makeup routine for everyday life. Especially since I always want to sleep a little longer in the morning and therefore am running late most of the time. So that’s why I am dedicating this post to all those chronic snooze button hitters! 🙂

New Dimension
First I treated my skin with the Shape + Fill Expert Serum. I lightly massaged the serum onto my clean face leaving out the eye areas. The deliciously mandarin, melon, cucumber, rose and jasmine scented serum gives your face volume by activating the skin’s natural shaping substances. It also helps smooth out the skin by helping it shed dead cells which gives your skin an even finish. Besides volume and smoothness the serum also helps reduce wrinkles and rebuilds strength and elasticity.



One of my favourite 2015 beauty trends is strobing. This technique is similar to contouring just a lot simpler. The idea is to highlight wherever the sun naturally shines on. For this I used the Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter. I brushed down the center of the forehead, the bridge of the nose, along Cupid’s bow, on the chin and the cheekbones. Afterwards all I did was blend the highlighter with my ring finger.



Face Kit
The New Dimension line also comes with the Shape + Sculpt Face Kit. With the sponge and the darker tone I contoured below the cheekbones, along the chin line, my temples and along the sides of the bridge of my nose. With the lighter colour I highlighted my cheekbones, chin, forehead, the Cupid’s bow and down the bridge of my nose. I also used this shade to blend the contouring colours together creating a naturally defined makeup look.



Eye Kit
The New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit I used for an everyday eye makeup, but which can also be used as a base for a more colourful eye look. With the smoothing base I primed the eye lid and the outer and inner corners of my eye. The highlighter I applied to my brow arch and the inner corner of my eye which wakes up and brightens your face. With the contour shade I created some definition in the crease of my eye and along the water line.



Brow Pencil



I really like using the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Brow Lift Duo to fill in my brows. Unfortunately I have very fine eye brows so that I always have to touch them up. The great thing about this eye brow pencil is that there is a different shade on each end letting you decide when you want to use a lighter or darker colour. The Double Wear brow pencil also makes sure that there aren’t any flyaways and maintains the perfect arch.

Estée face smallIf you want a very natural look you can use the Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer like in the photo above. All Products 2 small

The lip volumizer can be used for different shades of pink depending on how much pressure you put on it while applying. Besides its awesome colour changing qualities it also adds some volume and moisture to your lips and has a pleasant cooling effect. You can also use the lip volumizer as a base for other lip colours such as the Pure Color Envy Lip Potion Vague Obsession and Pure Color Envy Lip Potion Lethal Red. The former shade is perfect for a discreet and subtle day look and the latter is a hot red to vamp up any outfit.

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If you liked this everyday natural makeup look please let me know in the comments below. You can find the products used for this look here or at Manor.


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