Dr. Scholl Light Legs & Gel Activ

A few days ago the temperature radically dropped and autumn is most definitely on its way. Within days I had to completely change my wardrobe from short and hot summer outfits to more fitting attire for these chillier days. Exactly at that time I got a parcel from Dr. Scholl filled to the brim with their Light Legs Tights. Before we dive into these handy tights for this autumn weather I want to take a closer look at the other product line I got which was the Gel Activ shoe inserts for her. I am a proclaimed shoe lover and with that come mainly shoes which aren’t necessarily made for walking but rather for looking good in. We women especially know that problem with high heels which are usually as uncomfortable and unhealthy as they look. Dr. Scholl now has a solution for us with their Gel Activ for her shoe insert line. Let’s take a closer look at all the options.The Gel Activ for her line ranges from an insert for your everyday heels which have a heel smaller than 5.5cm, for your beautiful flat shoes which can still be painful, for open shoes where it’s super important that you don’t see the insert and lastly for the doozy the high heels which have a heel higher than 5.5cm. All these soft gel inserts soften the impact and thus don’t just make your feet hurt less but actually help your health as well. I’ve already been a fan of Dr. Scholl’s regular Gel Activ line and just love that they have created something especially for us girls.Now on to the innovativ Light Legs Tights from Dr. Scholl. Who hasn’t had that feeling of exhausted legs after or even during a long day of work. It’s so annoying when you’ve actually still got the energy to keep going but your legs have given up. To combat this issue Dr. Scholl developed Light Legs which aren’t just nice tights to keep your legs warm during the cold days.
Thanks to the FIBRE FIRM™ technology the tights have a compression function which activates the blood circulation in our legs. By having a better circulation our legs will feel lighter and we won’t get those tired and heavy legs. Additionally Light Legs are also very elastic and robust meaning that they can withstand up to a 100 times washing without loosing their color or shape. The tights are available in the sizes S, M, L and XL and in the colors black and nude. You can also choose between 60 and 20 DEN.Now we’ve got no more excuses not to be a boss ass bitch and win at life this autumn!





P.S. If you want to know where I got that glamorous bracelet it’s from Phantasya and the elements are real Swarovski.