Dr. Hauschka Soul Warmer Winter Present

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet and I’m already talking about presents. However it’s never to soon to start thinking about what you want to get your loved ones for Christmas or for the start of winter. I love getting gift sets for friends as they look great, are themed and they contain different products so whoever you give it to will definitely be delighted about some of the contents.One type of gift set I really like are wellness ones such as the Dr. Hauschka Soul Warmer set. This relaxing set is perfect for cold and frosty days where you want nothing more than to sink in to a hot bath. The special thing about this set is that it contains the exclusive and limited edition Lavender Soap which smells absolutely divine.
For that relaxing bath I was talking about the set contains the Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence which will warm and calm you with its delicate scent. The Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil will nourish your skin and protect it from the cold and dry air.
Absolutely perfect for anyone who loves a nice wellness day!