Dr. Hauschka & Phantasya Look

HandToday I created this look with the new Dr. Hauschka makeup products and combined it with some jewellery from my favourite brand called PhantasyaCreamBefore we get into the makeup here are a few other products from Dr. Hauschka that I want to show you. Looking your best doesn’t start with good makeup but with skin care for your whole body. In summer we often forget to take care of our skin because the air isn’t so dry. However it is vital that you use good products all year round. Dr. Hauschka has created summer skin care sets such as the Lemon Power Duo which you can see above on the left. The set contains a gentle Lemon Lemongrass Body Milk that contains sunflower oil, lemon oil as well as lemongrass. Also included in the set is the matching shower gel.BodyI’m someone who no matter what time of the year gets really dry hands so I keep a hand cream close by at all times. The Regenerating Hand Cream from Dr. Hauschka is full of hydrating oils such as olive oil and cocoa butter as well as kalanchoe and red clover.
EyesNow let’s take a closer look at the makeup I used. ProductsDr. Hauschka has lots of new makeup products some of which I’m going to show you today. My main focus is on their awesome translucent products which you can put to great use with all kinds of makeup styles. FoundationAny look starts with a flawless complexion which you can achieve with Dr. Hauschka’s Light Reflecting Concealer, Foundation and Loose Powder. The Light Reflecting Concealer 00 Translucent makes dark circles around your eyes vanish with natural light reflexes. With the Foundation 01 Macademia you can create that natural looking glow. The coverage ranges from light to medium. Lastly I always finish the foundation with a powder such as the Loose Powder 00 Translucent to diminish any shine. I was really happy that they created a translucent powder as my skin tone is so fair that most powders are just to dark for me.
WatchAs you can see the translucent shades match the skin perfectly and it doesn’t look like the head belongs to another person’s body!
LipstickNow that the foundation is laid we can move on to the fun part! For this makeup look I used the Brow & Lash Gel 00 Translucent, the Lip Line Definer 00 Translucent and the Lipstick in the shade 12 Peony. I’ve always been a fan of translucent brow gels. After doing my brow makeup, mostly with powder, I like to fix it with the Brow & Lash Gel. The Lip Line Definer creates an invisible and nourishing protection agains bleeding of the lipstick. After using it you can go ahead and apply your favourite lip colour. I chose the shade 12 Peony which is a hot burgundy red.

In celebration of the new makeup line and its high quality ingredients Dr. Hasuchka is giving away roughly 50’000 seed balls that contain an organic seed mixture. Go get your own seed balls directly from one of Dr. Hauschka’s billboards until the 9th July in Bern, St. Gallen or Geneva and plant your own flowers.  DoughnutAs you can see I’ve also got super long lashes and didn’t mention any mascara. That’s because they’re lash extensions that I got done at the Lash Bar in Zurich. Aren’t they fabulous? RingI’m sure you’ve also noticed the beautiful jewellery I’ve been wearing in all the photos. These gorgeous pieces with Swarovski elements are from the amazing brand Phantasya. I’m especially in love with the statement ring and the cute doughnut necklace.


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