Colourful Lip Balms by Bronx Colors

All Text copy smallI am sure you’ve all heard of the EOS lip balms. I like them a lot but there is one major draw back. They aren’t pigmented. Bronx Colors has found the perfect solution by creating there own line of colourful lip balms which don’t just smell divine and hydrate those lips but also add a little hint of glossy colour.

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The Bronx Colors Lip Balm line has six different colours and flavours. Vanilla, Lemon, Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry and Mango. In the first image you can see all except for Vanilla. As I mentioned before the shape and concept reminds me a lot of the EOS lip balms but the product is quite different. The texture is a lot more glossy and gives the lips a shine instead of more of a matte look. The colours actually stain the lips a little and aren’t just for show. I must say though that I was quite shocked when I had blue or green tinted lips after using blueberry or apple. On the one hand I think it is great that the lip balm also adds some gloss and colour but you do have to be aware of which colour you’re choosing. My favourite colours would certainly be pink but I also really like the blue on my lips funnily enough. It’s more bold but since it’s quite subtle I feel like I can even pull it off during the day.
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As the names suggest each lip balm has a different scent. Strawberry, Mango and Apple I like a lot and the scent is quite strong too. Blueberry and Lemon I don’t really recognise and thus aren’t my favourites flavour wise.

After wearing the lip balm for a while my lips feel very smooth and kissable! 🙂 So if you’re looking for a yummy lip balm with some colour I would highly recommend checking the Bronx Color Lip Balms out. You can buy them at Manor or online.


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