Clinique Pop Lipsticks Review

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„Happy dance!“ The new Clinique Pop lipstick line is here with sixteen different shades for you to fall in love with.

I tried the colors grape pop, wow pop and nude pop and I can’t stop praising them.

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The best thing is that they are nourishing since they contain shea butter as well as being vibrant in color.

When applying the texture is smooth and creamy and the color is intense. Your lips immediately feel revitalized, beautiful and totally kissable. I find that my rather thin lips get nicely plumped up by the colors, especially by grape pop and wow pop.
Another pro is your glass doesn’t get stained by the lipstick. We all want to hydrate ourselves without a pink ring around the edge of the glass!

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Unfortunately the colors don’t last very long. This can be explained by the shea butter. Either long lasting or nourishing… the good news is though that the color fades evenly leaving you without any awkward blotchy color stains.

You can apply the color nude pop without a mirror, which makes it brilliant for every day work life.

Grape pop is an edgy purple which is perfect for a night out in town with your girls.

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Very modern on the other hand is wow pop. The pink gives your lips a nice pop and can primp up your business outfit or give your party outfit a splash of color.

The new pop lipsticks by Clinique are a definite must-have for all you lipstick addicts out there!

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