Click&Care Snowqueen and Mermaid Beauty Boxes

Looking for an awesome themed gift for someone? Why not try one of click&care’s brilliant beauty boxes! They have the boxes available in all different themes like Snowqueen, Mermaid, Woodland or At Midnight. I got to take a sneak peak into the boxes Snowqueen and Mermaid and will now let you know what fabulous goodies await in these two boxes.Let’s open up the Snowqueen Beauty Box! I love the idea behind these boxes. They really do make excellent gifts for anyone. They also are wrapped and decorated with so much love for detail like with the beautiful Snowqueen card when you open the box.As you can see the box comes with an array of Snowqueen themed ice blue products which are all also available separately at click&care. The highlight of course being the Limited Edition Disney Frozen Tangle Teezer! Some of my favourites from this box are the Schwarzkopf Professional Spray Conditioner (I love spray conditioners!), the Moroccanoil Treatment which I wrote a post about here, the Baby Blue Alessandro Nail Polish and of course the limited edition Frozen Tangle Teezer. Now let’s dig into the Mermaid Beauty Box. This stunner came in a handy green box which perfectly matches the mermaid theme. The box is filled with turquoise and aqua inspired products and a cute little rainbow pouch where you can store your beauty essentials in.My personal highlights in this box are the Victoria’s Secret Forbidden Fantasya Body Lotion as I’ve always wanted to try a Victoria’s Secret lotion, the Healthy Sexy Hair Soymilk Shampoo, the travel size version of the Schwarzkopf Spray Conditioner and the mermaid style shell makeup brush.

I’m very impressed by these beautiful beauty boxes which make great presents and are also a lovely way to discover new products.






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