Click and Care featuring Alessandro

ProductsIn my last post called Manicure Time with Rubis and Alessandro I showed you lots of new products by Alessandro including the Striplac Mini set. The Striplac Mini set comes in different colors of which I will be showing you another today. However I’m also writing this post because I recently also discovered the Striplac Therapy Care Set and some great new normal nail polishes also by Alessandro that I want to talk about. All these awesome products can be found at Click and Care among thousands of other beauty products that are worth checking out. Care SetHere you can see the contents of the Striplac Therapy Care Set. It’s perfect for taking care of your nails before, during and after applying Striplac. It contains a cuticle remover, nail hardener, polishing file, balm and rose sticks. To use the set effectively be sure to apply the nail hardener once a week. Also always make sure to use the cuticle remover and to push back the cuticles with the rose sticks before applying your new Striplac as it will hold a lot longer. The nail file is pretty self explanatory. 🙂 Lastly the care & gloss balm is filled with oils, beeswax, vitamins and smells deliciously of mango and coconut. All you need to do is apply it to your nail bed and your nails will be nourished sufficiently.  
StriplacAs I mentioned before I just recently discussed the Striplac Mini set in-depth so if you missed it you can read it here. The set contains all the essentials for fixing your Striplac manicure on the go.Swatch The only difference is the color. This one is in the color My Laundry which is a stunning pink. The last set I showed you was called Nude Elegance which as the name says is a natural looking nude shade. The third set available is a classic red called First Kiss.  ColorsIf you aren’t a fan of Striplac I’ve also got you covered. Alessandro makes some of my favourite normal nail polishes as well with a huge range of magnificent shades. They are always super long lasting, look amazing and dry quite quickly. These three shades are from the Thomas Rath limited edition which all contain valuable avocado extracts and coconut oil to treat the nails as well. They are called from left to right Christy’s Red, Victoria’s Brown and Heidi’s Pink.


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