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As already forewarned in previous posts this year I’m going crazy with advent calendars. I’ve already introduced you to the Sephora & Amorelie calendars, the L’Occitane calendar and the Alessandro advent calendar. Additionally to just telling you about them now I will also be opening each door during advent in my Instagram Story. Today I want to show you a definite must-have calendar for every beauty lover. Of course I am talking about the Click & Care advent calendar. Before I get into the details I’d like to let this year’s Bachelor Joel Herger do the introduction to the calendar.

This calendar is absolutely perfect for making the wait until Christmas much more bearable as it is chocker with high-end beauty and haircare products. I won’t spoil the fun but I’m gonna give you a small sneak peek on what’s in this beauty. You’ll find various hair care, manicure, skin care and makeup products in the Click & Care advent calendar.On this note I’d like to highlight another reason why I love advent calendars so much. I think it’s the perfect way to discover new products which you normally wouldn’t get.¬†Along with discovering great products this advent calendar will also make your home look super sweet and festive.It’s definitely the perfect gift for your best friend, daughter, mother or girlfriend but also to treat yourself if you’re a beauty junkie like me. Now I’ve got some great news for you. Firstly if you get this limited edition Click & Care advent calendar before the end of October 2017 you’ll get it at an early-bird discount of CHF 129.- instead of CHF 139.-. The value of goods in the calendar is over CHF 370.- so be quick! Secondly right now you get an additional 21% off the whole Click & Care online shop with their Halloween discount voucher called BUH.
Speaking of the Bachelor. In the first episode I saw one of the girls using a Goldwell Kerasilk Beautifying Hair Perfume which I then just had to try. The one I tried is called Control and promises an amazing scent, protection and control. The Kerasilk Control has a delicate and delicious oriental scent which especially if you have long hair will waft around you gently all day. Besides making your hair smell fantastic it also gives it a silky touch, prevents static charge and gives it a slight gloss. I just love how this product combines functionality with a great scent. I’m sure I’ll have used this hair perfume up in no time!Lastly I’d like to show you this great product for when you style your hair with heat. It’s the Goldwell Kerasilk Color Protective Blow-Dry Spray which protects your hair from heat. Make sure to always apply it before blowdrying your hair. It also helps keep your hair color in good condition longer and will even intensify the color. For people who have hard to comb hair like me another bonus is that it will make the hair easier to comb and will add a layer of shine to finish off the look.

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