Cleansing with Ringana Dea and D-Tox

January. New year, new you. The time of the year we’re all trying to do our best and be the best versions of ourselves. Personally I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions as they usually just put pressure on ourselves, make us stressed and when we fail give us a bad conscience and don’t do our self-esteem any favours. This year however I did make a few goals but I like to call them the anti New Year’s resolutions as I am someone who tends to never be happy with myself and am always trying to improve. That’s why my goal was to take better care of how I feel and a big part of that for me is reducing the stress I put on myself. Another aspect is that I often have tummy troubles which is mainly down to food. So one of my sub goals of taking care of myself is eating well, not to loose weight but to improve my quality of life. One way I wanted to jump start this was by trying two of Ringana’s products which I will be showing you today.The first one is called Ringana Dea_ _ which is a great addition when you’re trying to loose weight or detox. Ringana Dea_ _ consists of twelve shots which contain eleven natural ingredients which are supposed to help loose weight in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. The three ingredients OB-X® mulberry, lemon balm and mugwort leaf extract are specifically supposed to shift belly fat. Tulsi and green tea together help with weight control and are a great source of nutrients and vital substances.
You mix a shot with 0.75l water and drink it throughout the day. I liked adding the juice of half a lemon to add a nice flavour. I have to admit though that the first two times I drank it I didn’t like the taste at all. After day three however it became quite nice actually. My experience was that I did loose a little weight but as I mentioned that wasn’t my goal. What I was very impressed with was that my skin cleared up quite a bit and my stomach troubles are much better. Of course it is always hard to pinpoint the exact reason but I definitely felt good during my Ringana Dea_ _ weeks. Definitely worth a try.The other product I tried in combination with Dea_ _ was the D-tox Caps. When we eat fatty food and drink too much alcohol our digestive system and especially our liver and gall bladder have to work extra hard. This puts a strain on our system which in my case leads to bloating and an awful feeling of sluggishness and overall malaise. The Ringana D-tox caps should help get rid of this feeling with the special plant substances, vitamins and trace elements they contains. Effectively they should reduce bloating, heartburn and flatulence as well as restore balance to our metabolism. Some of these ingredients are milk thistle extract which helps liver activity and stimulates the production of bile, the bitter substances in artichoke which support the stomach, liver and gall bladder and curcuma which helps burn fat.
For a while now I’ve been taking three caps a day and as mentioned above my bloating has definitely been reduced massively. I also have experienced less heartburn which I sometimes suffer from quite severely.
Overall I can say that I am very happy with these two Ringana products. I have to say though that I did combine them with a healthy vegan diet and exercise. I think they are a great way to assist in getting back on track and giving your system a boost.

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