BYS Violet & Smokey Palettes Makeup

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As I haven’t done a makeup post in a while I decided that it’s high time to do one again. Today I’ve created a dramatic look using different new BYS products including their Violet and their Smokey eyeshadow palettes. But first of all I’m going to do the foundation and contouring with the following products.Contour Small

For contouring I am using the BYS Contouring Palette which contains three highlight and three contour powders. It also has a great little instruction on the back showing you where to place the highlighter and where the contour. I am applying them with the Oval Contour Brush which is also amazing for foundation and with the Contour Blending Brush. What I love about these brushes is that they are super soft and the bristles are quite dense which makes sure that the makeup doesn’t appear streaky. I am using the highlighter on my forehead, under my brow arches, below my eyes, on the bridge of my nose and on my chin. The contour I am placing on my temples, along the sides of my nose bridge, below my cheek bones and on the lower part of my chin. Lastly I like using the bright pink Blending Sponge with some liquid foundation so that everything is nicely blended.
Brow Tattoo Small

For the brows BYS has a cool new product called Brow Tattoo which comes in the shades Brown and Dark Brown. The Brow Tattoo doesn’t have the typical little wand but instead a fine felt tip pen which is great to fill gaps and create a perfectly shaped brow. For this look I used the colour brown.

Palettes Closed

On to my favourite part! The eye shadow. 🙂 Today I am using eye shadows from the palettes Smokey and Violet.

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I always start off with a very light shade. Here I am using Pure from the Smokey palette and applying it below my brow arches and on the inner corner of my eye lid with a soft flat sponge applicator. Working my way from the inner corner across my eye lid I am applying Orchid from the Violet palette with a soft round brush. To give the look a nice cat eye wing I am combining Plum and Majestic from the Violet palette and Galaxy to add some sparkle from the Smokey palette. I also place a little colour on the outer corner just below the waterline. Oh and don’t ever forget to blend it all together with a soft and fluffy brush!
Auto Gel Eye Liner BrownAuto Gel Eye Liner Black

For some more drama I am drawing a black line with the Auto Gel Eye Liner Pencil in Black from the inner corner of the eye lid into a hot cat eye wing and filling in the waterline for the maximum effect. If you want the  makeup to be a little less theatrical you can also use the Auto Gel Eye Liner Pencil in Brown.
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There we go – that’s my Violet & Smokey Palette eye look! 🙂
Lips All

For the lips I am going with the gorgeous Matte Lipstick in the shade Royals which is the swatch on the very left. For many more lipstick swatches check out my Lipstick Collections page. BYS has launched these two amazing Lip Colour Effects with which you can make any lipstick appear either darker with the Lip Colour Effects Darkener or lighter by applying the Lightener on top. Above I’ve swatched the Royals lipstick once with the Lightener and once with the Darkener. Isn’t this product just fabulous?Lip Colour SmallHave you ever heard of brightening or darkening a lipstick shade?


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  1. Nandika says:

    Hi just asking how do you use the bys brow tattoo. Do you apply it all on your brow and then wipe it off, which leaves a tiny or do you just apply the product with an angled brush!
    Thanks a bunch,

    1. Callia ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      That’s a great question as I was quite unsure about how to use the BYS Brow Tattoo in the beginning as well! 🙂
      I actually always use an angled brush when I do my brows especially for the little upward hairs at the beginning of the brows. The bigger areas I filled in with the felt tip but you could also use the angled brush all over. I hope that answers your question. The BYS Brow Tattoo is definitely for a bold brow look and not a subtle brow enhancement.
      Love, Callia

      1. Nandika says:

        Thankyou very much!
        I went out and brought an angled brush, seemed to work perfect. I also figured I should buy the felt tip, definitely wasn’t disappointed. I got the most perfect brow look! I also have a hack I thought would be nice to share for the angled brush. What I do after finishing my brows is take some concealer and outline my brows to make them pop but also fix any imperfections!
        Thanks Nandika!!! 💞

        1. Callia ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

          I’m glad to hear that the angled brush worked so well. Thank you so much for sharing your hack for defining the brows. I personally always highlight the brow arch either with a nude or white eyeshadow above and below the brows but using a concealer is a great idea. The concealer is probably even better as it has more coverage and creates a neater edge. Thank you for your awesome tip! 🙂

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