Bronx Colors New Year’s Eve Makeup

Face done cropped smallHi guys. I hope you had a nice and relaxing Christmas. I’ve spent a few lovely days with my family and friends and also enjoying some delicious food!  🙂 The weather, as you probably have noticed, is so warm that every now and then there even was the possibility to go for a walk in our village and the surrounding forests. Let us not talk about the whether though, but the last highlight of 2015. New Year’s Eve! This year I’ve decided on a plum coloured look with Bronx Colors cosmetics which reminds me of the delicious Glühwein we’ll be drinking soon. (Hopefully in the snow!)

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Before I start with the eye makeup I’m using the Eye Primer Studioline so that the eye shadows don’t crease after a few hours of partying. To highlight the brow arch and the inner corner of my eye I’m applying the white shadow from the Smokey Undercover palette with the sponge brush which is included in the set. I especially like Bronx Colors’ eye shadows because they are highly pigmented and come in a huge variety of shades. For New Year’s Eve I’ve decided on a plum coloured look. For that I’m using a round and fluffy brush to blend the glittery and the normal plum shade together.

To frame the eyes I’m going for the Thick or Thin Long Wear Eye Liner which is perfect for making very fine but also broader lines. After putting on fake lashes I’m topping them up with the waterproof Skinny Mascara.

Just Eyes done croppedFor my lips I’ve chosen the Just Matte Lipstick in purple which has an amazing coverage and texture. You can add some lip liner if you want a more defined look but personally I like this look without lip liner because the eyes are already highlighted.Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 14.40.54I’ve also made a YouTube video where you can see how to create this New Year’s Eve look with Bronx Colors cosmetics.

I hope you enjoyed this post and video and if you want to check out Bronx Colors‘ products you can find them in Manor and on Pink-cherry.

Happy New Year!

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