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As you may have noticed my latest obsessions are lipsticks and lip glosses. You can check out my various lipstick collections here. So today I’ve got a little lip paint treat for you. I’ve never tried lip paint before and was really excited to see how they work and whether they reach my high expectations. My main concern was whether they would be too sheer because I am more the opaque type. The Bronx Colors Glossy Lip Paints however far from disappointed me!

I applied the lip paints with a lip brush and with only one coat they where extremly covering. All six shades which range from two different pinks over purple and plum to hot red and orange all are gorgeously vibrant and glossy. The texture is very smooth and not sticky like some lip glosses. What astounded me most though was that the color remained for a long time which I am not used to with nourishing lip colors. An additional bonus are the oils which also give them the qualities of a lip balm besides the high pigmented gloss.

Below you can see the swatches of all six shades. My personal favourite is plum. 🙂

Fotor Collage Swatches

I’ve also added the swatches to my lipstick collections page where you can see lots of different lines and brands. You can purchase these awesome lip paints at Manor and online. If you want to check out Bronx Colors’ other trendy products you can visit their website.

Which is your favourite shade?


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