Braun Silk-Expert IPL Review

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I’m exhausted! Exhausted of trying every method of hair removal on this planet. It all started with a painless hair removal cream, then came the classical shaver, followed by my first painful attempts at waxing and ended with an epilator. Although the pain does lessens after a few times it still is far from a wonderful experience. For this reason I’ve been eyeing IPL devices for a while now and recently finally got the chance to try the Braun Silk-Expert.

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Before we dive into the how-to-use and review, I’d like to show you what’s in the box.

  • Silk-Expert IPL device
  • Power supply
  • Main cord
  • Cord connecting device and power supply
  • Manual

Firstly I’d like to explain what IPL is. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light which means that gentle light impulses are releases into the skin. Every light impulse is optimised so that the melanin in the hair follicle and the root absorbs it. Thereby the light energy is transformed into thermal energy which has the effect that the growing cycle of the hair is interrupted.

Braun Silk_expert_IPL_Schritt 1When you use the Braun Silk-Expert IPL regularly the hair should become finer, lighter and grow back more slowly.

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Because our skin tone varies depending on the part of our body, Braun Silk-Expert uses a special technology. A sensor continually (up to 80 times per second) scans to find out what the perfect light intensity is. That’s how the right amount of energy is emitted and the procedure is safer since you don’t need to decide yourself what the right amount of light is. The device only releases a light impulse when the skin tone is ideal.

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Using the Silk-Expert is very simple. There are the intensity levels normal and sensitive. The normal level is recommended for the arms, legs, chest and back. The sensitive level is ideal to get used to the device and for sensitive areas like the face and bikini area. You can also choose between the gliding or precision mode. Gliding means that the light impulses automatically get released without having to manually push the button each time. Precision mode is made for smaller areas such as the knees, ankles, bikini area, face or armpits.

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I found this great video which shows you how to use the IPL device.

Now that you know what the Braun Silk-Expert is and what it does I’d like to share my personal experience with you. The first time I used it I was a little shocked at how loud the machine is and that you can smell burnt hair! Once I got used to that however it is very quick and doesn’t hurt a lot. Unfortunately it can zapp every now and then but I was always using the normal level and not gentle which might have helped.

I use the device for my armpits and bikini area which doesn’t take long at all. Usually about ten minutes. The reason why I am not using it anywhere else is because it sadly only works when the hair is dark on light skin. As I have blonde hair on my arms and legs I can’t use it there which is a shame. Back Small

I’ve been using the device for ten weeks now and the recommendation is twelve. After only a few weeks I already noticed patches where there was no or at least substantially less hair growth. I was hoping that after ten weeks I’d have little to no hair which is not the case. I must say however that there is much less and I feel like they are lighter, finer and do not grow back as quickly. I have certainly noticed that I shave a lot less often and waxing is less painful.

What’s brilliant is that there is a Silk-Expert App which gives you tips and reminds you once a week to use your device.

All in all I am glad that I am using the Braun Silk-Expert as it is fast, mostly pain free and does produce some good results. However it does not (at least for me) completely relieve you of shaving or waxing.

If you want to find out more about the Silk-Expert or Braun in general you can visit their website here.

Have you had any experience with IPL?


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I do not take any responsibility for any information given in this post. Before using the device read the manual, warnings and consult a doctor whether you are allowed to use the device.



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