Braun Satin Hair 7 Review & System Professional Summer Collection

IMG_1926With the temperature rising, the sun making longer appearances and beach time getting closer it is time to switch the hair care routine from winter to summer. What better products to do this with than System Professional which are customised to your hair’s specific needs and the Braun Satin Hair 7 brush which ensures more shine and less frizz for those summer locks. IMG_1931The Braun Satin Hair 7 brush isn’t just your regular hair brush. It’s an IONTEC brush which promises more shine and less frizz. My first reaction when I heard that was what on earth is IONTEC and why would that reduce frizz. As I have natural curls frizz is one of my daily struggles and who doesn’t want more shine?IMG_1932IONTEC means that the satin brush produces millions of active ions which are released through the small green jets that you can see on the back side of the brush. When the brush is turned on you can even hear a slight hissing sound. All these ions wrap themselves around the hair thus neutralising the static charge and taming the frizz resulting in a visible shine. Another benefit is that the ions transport the moisture from the air back to the hair which makes them a lot healthier. IMG_1877I’ve been using this brush for quite a while now and I wouldn’t give it back for the world! In the beginning I must admit I was rather sceptical but after just one brush stroke I could see a difference. My hair is usually super frizzy and stands out in all directions. This brush however tames it in seconds. IMG_1878As you can see in the image above my hair is a lot shinier and calmer. There is visibly less frizz in comparison to my usual crazy hairdos.IMG_1925As promised I’m also going to introduce you to some new System Professional products. I won’t go into detail about the concept of System Professional as I have already written a lengthy post about it here.
IMG_1929The S1 Smoothen Shampoo specialises in softening the hair structure. As I constantly bleach and dye my hair it’s usually quite dry and coarse so for my hair type this shampoo works wonders. IMG_1928 C5B Color Save Bi-Phase Conditioner and H2 Hydrate Conditioner have like the shampoo been an important part of my hair care routine ever since I first tried out the System Professional products. The Color Save Conditioner is amazing at protecting keratin and color treatments. The Hydrate Conditioner is like the shampoo good for repairing dry hair.
IMG_1930For those pesky dry and split ends I highly recommend the R6 Repair Perfect Ends and the L4 Reconstructive Elixir. Admittedly I don’t apply these two as often as I should but when I do they make all the difference. The oil doesn’t only nourish but is also a good keratin protection. IMG_1927Lastly System Professional has released a new line called Solar which was developed to protect the hair from sun damage in summer. The line consists of a Hair & Body Shampoo, the Hydro Repair Conditioner, a Sun Oil, a Sealing Cream and the Helio Spray. I got to try out the last two. The Sealing Cream is a nourishing sun protection and the Helio Spray is a water resistant UV protection so even when you go swimming your hair will still be protected. As the sun has only made a few appearances this year I’ve only been able to try them a couple of times but so far I am impressed!

What are your go to summer hair care products?


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