Braun FaceSpa Review and Sephora Haul

BagA while back I wrote a review on the Philips VisaPure Essential which you can read here. I’m a big fan of the VisaPure device and use it daily however recently I discovered the Braun FaceSpa. At first I thought there wouldn’t be a big difference between the two but then I realised that the Braun FaceSpa can be transformed into an epilator as well. Firstly lets take a look at the device though.FaceSpaAs you saw in the first picture it comes with a cute little pouch were you can store the device and the different brush heads. The design is very sleek, modern and classy. I really like the rose gold metal cap which gives it a nice finish. Also something that I find very important is that the device is completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower. The FaceSpa runs with batteries so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the charger.EpilatorThe first head is the epilator. It’s very slim which makes precision easy. You hold the FaceSpa like a mascara. The epilator has ten tiny openings which can remove the finest of hair as small as 0,02mm. Of course as with all epilators the process might hurt a bit but it is definitely bearable and worth it.BrushAfter having removed any unwanted facial hairs make sure to clean the epilator with the provided brush.FaceSpa CleanserOn to cleansing the face. Later I will go into more detail on the Micellar Cleansing Milk that I got from Sephora which I like to use with the FaceSpa. I tried out five different heads with the FaceSpa. The first of which is the white normal cleansing brush. This one removes makeup and impurities six times better than manual cleansing. With hundreds of micro oscillations the FaceSpa cleanses deeply and effectively. The skin is also better prepared to absorb lotions and creams.

ClickIt is super easy to switch between brush heads. All you need to do is click the button at the top and the head falls out. Brush HeadsThe other four heads are from top left to bottom right the Vitalising brush, the Exfoliation brush, the Extra Sensitive brush and the Beauty Sponge. The Vitalising brush intensely massages the skin, the Exfoliation brush smoothly and effectively sweeps away dead skin cells and refines the skin’s complexion, the Extra Sensitive brush gently cleanses soft and sensitive skin and the Beauty Sponge applies makeup evenly or massages cream into the skin. The last one I find super cool as it really makes the foundation look flawless and smooth. All brush heads feel very gentle and do the job beautifully. Definitely give the FaceSpa a try if you haven’t already. ProductsAs mentioned before I also have a massive Sephora haul in store for you today. The reason I’m combing the two in this post is because many of the Sephora products can be used with the Braun Face Spa.CleansersI got three cleansers which you can all use with the FaceSpa. All you need to do is apply a dollop onto the brush head and start using the device on your face. The three cleansers are from left to right the Yuzu Micellar Cleansing Gel, the Pomegranate Waterproof Cleansing Cream and the Rose Micellar Cleansing Milk. All three can be used on the face and around the eyes. Also all of them are highly effective and have heavenly scents. WipesIf you want to go the extra mile when it comes to cleansing the face then try the Sephora Charcoal Exfoliating Wipes. These beauties have two sides for two actions. There is the exfoliating side with integrated micro-spheres to gently eliminate impurities and dead skin cells. The smooth side cleanses the skin and removes makeup. The charcoal draws out impurities and pollutants like a magnet. Lip BalmTo keep those lips nice and smooth give the delicious, nourishing and protecting Goji Lip Balm a go.
Lip GlossNow that your lips have been nourished you can apply the beautiful Long Lasting Lip Tint and when they say long lasting then I assure you that’s exactly what they mean. I swatched the Lip Tint a few hours ago and have washed my hands several times with soap and the colour has still not budged. The stunning berry shade in the image is the colour 01 Mulberry. BronzerTo go with those luscious lips apply some glow with the Sephora Limited Edition Sun Disk. The Sun Disk contains three complementary bronzer shades to create a natural tan for all skin tones. Also doesn’t it just look amazing!


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